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What Analysts Say About eGain Solutions

Top score in the 2023 Gartner Critical capabilities report for the CRM customer engagement center for knowledge management + digital engagement + composable experience platform
Top score for “current offering” (that is, product) in the 2021 Forrester New Wave (most recent report) on Digital-First Customer Service

88% of surveyed consumers find the IVR not intelligent enough (IVR Customer Experience Survey, 2021)

Improve Customer Interactions with Call Tracking Software

eGain CallTrack™ is a dynamic case management and call tracking solution that helps companies provide quick, high-quality, and cost-efficient resolution of customer issues across traditional and emerging interaction channels.

It is one of the many innovative customer interaction products in eGain, the industry’s top-rated customer engagement software suite, which helps businesses transform their traditional call centers into omnichannel customer engagement hubs.

eGain CallTrack will enable you to provide consistently effective interactions across social, web, contact center, and mobile channels. The result? Healthy, profitable, and long-lasting relationships with your customers!

Streamline and automate service processes

Service process automation is key to driving operating efficiency in your contact center. eGain CallTrack leverages the power of eGain Customer Engagement Hub™ platform (eGain CEH™) to help streamline and automate processes. Using the visual workflow designer, you can set up pre-routing, handling, and post-routing business rules to drive consistency and efficiency through your contact centers.

Effectively categorize interactions

Categories and resolution codes are assigned automatically as well as manually. Effective classification helps deliver valuable customer feedback and service trends to your product and marketing team.

Resolve issues quickly

eGain CallTrack offers the industry’s most comprehensive knowledge management tools for resolving cases:

  • Agents, across channels, have one-click access to eGain Knowledge Base.
  • Agents can find information through FAQ lists, browsing, searching, and guided help (supported by eGain’s pioneering reasoning engine).
  • Agents can also contribute to the knowledge base.

Make agents more productive

Agent costs, typically, account for over 50% of contact center expenses. Increase agent productivity through a unified agent desktop that eliminates the need to switch applications and improves access to information. Agents have access to:

  • Complete customer information, including interactions through other channels
  • The common knowledge base
  • Subject matter experts through collaboration tools
  • Multimedia interaction tools such as chat and web cobrowsing to help customers
  • Auto-summarization and note-taking facilities

Monitor and track every call

Priorities and SLAs are assigned automatically, and alarms are triggered when SLAs are likely to be missed. In addition, managers and supervisors can:

  • Use real-time monitors to oversee queues or agents.
  • Check the audit trail of interactions to ensure correct handling.
  • Run reports to analyze call volumes, SLAs, agent productivity, knowledge base usage, and query trends.

Integrate multichannel customer communications

eGain CallTrack is one of the many modular applications in eGain, which helps businesses set up omnichannel customer engagement hubs. Use other eGain products to enable escalations to and from self-service, live chat, email, and social interactions.


  • Predefined workflows to manage incoming inquiries.
  • Contains service level agreement (SLA) triggers to automate routing and monitoring.
  • Ability to categorize and add notes.
  • Unified agent desktop.
  • Complete customer information and interaction history, across channels, available to agents, enabling informed interactions.
  • A common knowledge base that enables agents to accurately resolve complex inquiries and processes, interacting directly with data sources and devices where required.
  • Intelligent summarizing of phone calls.
  • Comprehensive analytics and real-time alarms for operational performance management.
  • Fully integrated with other interaction channels.

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