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Go omnichannel to deliver memorable customer service experiences

The new “omnichannel” customer wants to do business 24×7 and through any one of a range of interaction channels. Moreover, the new customer expects you to remember past interactions regardless of channel and provide consistent service across channels for a superior service experience.

How do you meet customer expectations that keep increasing on an IT budget that keeps shrinking? How can you provide the multichannel, multilingual, “always-on” service that customers expect, the scalability that the extended contact centers of today require, and the easy monitoring and troubleshooting that your team demands?

In this environment, technology choices are more important than ever.

eGain can help you cost-effectively transform a traditional call center, help desk, or web customer service operation into an omnichannel Customer Engagement Hub (CEH). Based on the Power of One™, the concept of one unified platform for customer interaction and knowledge management, a CEH will enable you to do the most you can with your budget.

You will be surprised by how well it addresses your worries about total cost of ownership (TCO) and buying, maintaining, integrating and extracting business value from enterprise customer service and contact center software.


Harness the Power of One with the eGain CEH Platform™, the only way to add channels at very little cost:

  • Enable multi-site, multilingual and multichannel, and multi-faceted customer interactions from the same installation
  • Meet customer expectations of seamless experiences across channels by sharing the same processes, interaction repository, and knowledge base
  • Get a solution set that is both broad and deep with applications that are not only built on a common platform but have also been recognized for excellence and are being used in best-of-breed ways by demanding blue-chip clients as a suite and as individual applications


Start big or small, add channels as dictated by your budget and customer service roadmap; a CEH can enable all kinds of customer interaction initiatives:

  • Provide agents with knowledge-based productivity tools
  • Web-enable call centers by adding web-based interaction channels
  • Improve or add to existing eService capabilities
  • Link contact centers with back-office fulfillment systems
  • Set up a next-generation CEH from scratch


Provide agents and customers two-way access to existing data and content assets:

  • Integrate with various data sources, within the company or on the Internet, through eGain Data Adapter™
  • Integrate with CTI systems through eGain CTI Adapter™
  • Offer eGain Guided Help through IVR with eGain Guided Help Adapter for IVR™
  • Allow users to access external content repositories through eGain Content Adapter™
  • Integrate with email systems through the eGain Outlook Plugin™


  • Scale your customer experience management system to support today’s extended enterprise contact centers
  • Eliminate single points of failure with robust distributed installations


Continue to get value from the web-services based customer service innovation platform:

  • Customize and leverage eGain capabilities from within or outside eGain through eGain OpenCEH™, an open web services API that enables a whole ecosystem of agile, innovative solutions built by partners and end-customers
  • Create unique end-to-end process automation using eGain ActiveObjects, business-friendly building blocks for collaboration, content, logic, and reasoning
  • Use the sophisticated decision support capability of the Inference™ Reasoning Engine in more interaction channels and processes

The eGain Advantage: The Power of One

Completely modular, eGain applications can be deployed one application at a time or all together.

The more interaction channels you have, the more important it is to support them with the same information, best practices, and metrics. At the heart of every successful multichannel customer interaction hub is common infrastructure that is open, robust, and designed for growth. This infrastructure lets you present a single face to your customers and to recognize and know them at every contact point.

Multiple interaction channels can be set up easily and managed well if they are built on a common platform and share:

  • One knowledge base
  • One customer base
  • One set of interaction records
  • One set of workflows and queues
  • One set of analytics tools


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