Digital Transformation in Customer Service

Transform Digital Customer Service ExperienceAgent, business, and customer experiences transform digital experience

By Reinventing Agent, Business, Customer, and Technology Experience

If it were a formula, it would be written like this:


This formula represents a holistic approach to digital experience by balancing all the elements important for digital experience transformation.

  • Agent Experience (AX)
  • Business Experience (BX)
  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Technology Experience (TX)

Together, the four stakeholder experiences lead to digital customer experience (DX) success.
Digital experience is in

Digital Transformation in Customer Engagement is Led by Consumers and Employees

Digital experience is in. You hear phrases like “digital by default” and “digital transformation” in the C-suite. In fact, CDOs (Chief Digital Officers) are the latest addition to the C-suite.

According to McKinsey, “digitization is placing unprecedented pressure on organizations to evolve. At the present rate, 75 percent of S&P 500 incumbents will be gone by 2027.” Digital customerAnd so, “adopting digital engagement technologies and strategies isn’t just about getting competitive advantage. It’s a matter of your organization’s survival.” (McKinsey)

Consumers have gone digital. Employees have gone digital.

Most organizations recognize this and agree on the inevitability of digital transformation in customer service.

But what stops businesses from becoming leaders of this transformation

Lack of guidance, precedents to follow, working models, knowing the KPIs to measure, and the fact that digital transformation is a cross-functional process are some reasons. Making piecemeal changes in technology or process or metrics to measure will not enable the transformation of digital customer service.


eGain Transforms Digital Customer Service

Digitization will create a whole new set of winners: Ashu Roy, eGain CEO

Digital-first solution

As a pioneer in digital-first customer engagement software, eGain has the maturity of experience and the right products to understand your business’ goals, and guide you to quick value. eGain apps sit on a unified customer engagement platform. This platform ensures that common knowledge, context, and analytics are served to all channels serving your consumers—from social, mobile, Web, to contact center—for consistent, connected experiences. You can start small and fast and scale as needed. Also, all solutions are best practices-embedded for optimal behavior and outcomes. These best practices have been gathered over hundreds of implementations.

With eGain as a long-term transformation and implementation partner, you are more likely to do it right the first time. And importantly, eGain’s best practice guidance and agile approach to implementation ensure that your business can implement, optimize, and correct quickly, vital traits for success in today’s consumer-led, disruptive technology space.

Digital transformation expertise

eGain has years of experience planning and executing customer engagement strategies for blue-chip companies in highly competitive domains. We have a Digital Transformation team comprising experts whose combined experience in the knowledge management, customer service, and contact center space span decades. They live and breathe digital. It is their passion to enable companies to achieve their digital transformation goals in customer service by sitting down with them, evaluating their digital bottlenecks, and resolving them through experience and best practice guidance.

Once your need is assessed and a plan drawn, eGain helps you to operationalize it. By measuring and analyzing relevant metrics and taking timely action on those insights, we ensure that the project is on track and is delivering value.

Cloud-delivered agility and security

Customer service leaders like Amazon have shown the way by being agile in planning, implementation, and optimization. And cloud solutions are the best way for that to happen. Many eGain clients—including behemoth companies in the security conscious sectors like financial services and insurance, where traditionally, any change would be a plodding affair—have moved to the cloud to introduce changes quickly and get a head start on new entrants challenging them with disruptive technologies.

eGain Cloud has passed the most stringent security tests to prove itself completely secure, reliable, scalable, and one of the safest cloud networks in the industry. eGain also offers cloud deployment models to suit each business’ specific privacy and security needs. Over 15 years of working on eGain Cloud’s core capabilities has resulted in a track record of over 99.9% cumulative uptime and no breaches.

Risk-free digital transformation

How do you ensure that the digital customer service transformation goals of your business are actually being realized? How can you know that your investment is paying off? The best bet is to test a solution in a real-world production environment before investing in it.

eGain offers a no-risk, no-cost pilot service for guided digital innovation in the eGain cloud, called eGain Innovation in 30 Days™. This offer is in response to a business need that eGain has felt over the years. The try-before-you-buy approach enables bolder innovation in digital engagement, consistent with Gartner’s bimodal IT model, and allows companies to start small and grow fast.

Many in retail, travel, telco, financial services, insurance, BPO, and manufacturing have already leveraged the risk-free offer and loving it.

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