Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience (DX): A Matter of Your Business’ Survival

Adopting digital customer engagement technologies and strategies isn’t just about getting competitive advantage, it’s a matter of your organization’s survival (McKinsey & Co, July 2014).

Digital customer experience (DX) refers to the new digital channels and interfaces customers use to interact with businesses today. A subset of CX, it’s one you ignore at your own peril. More and more people—and they could be your customers, prospects, or employees—are turning to digital modes to solve their problems.

According to a Forrester survey, customer web self-service surpassed phone interactions for the first time ever in 2014. Add to that the increased use of live chat, cobrowsing and social, along with the adoption of mobile search and apps at an unprecedented rate, and you have a perfect digital disruption scenario being played out. When customers and employees are digital, omnichannel, and agile, your business should start to deploy the right digital tools to engage them.

Only the businesses that transform will survive. So why wait?

Why eGain for digital service experiences?

eGain is a pioneer and has been working at the forefront of digital customer experience ever since we introduced the first web-based email management solution for customer engagement decades ago. We are present in the entire spectrum of digital channels, from call tracking to social and mobile. eGain’s modular applications are built on a unique eGain CEH™ Platform (based on “customer engagement hub,” a Gartner concept). A hub is important because it allows all knowledge, interactions, processes, administration and analytics to be shared across all channels residing on the platform. Your consumers can contact your business from anywhere, any time, any device, and any touchpoint, and yet be assured of getting a consistent, personalized experience. The flexibility of the CEH platform also allows you to incrementally add channels as your digital CX strategy evolves.

eGain’s digital customer engagement capabilities include:

  • Unified auto chat, video, voice, and cobrowse capabilities in eGain Chat that empower businesses to proactively engage customers beyond text chat
  • Proactive, dynamic and contextual offers for assistance and knowledge through eGain Offers
  • Social media customer service, reputation management, and knowledge harvesting capabilities through eGain Social
  • Effective management of large volumes of inbound web forms, email interactions, faxes, and SMS through eGain Mail
  • eGain Mobile to extend the reach of your eGain deployment, enabling you to offer all your eGain-enabled engagement options to mobile users through existing or new apps on the Android and iOS platforms
  • eGain Widgets which consist of a range of powerful, lightweight mini-applications that enable “always-on” access to the interaction capabilities and vital business information and content in your eGain deployment from mobile devices and web interfaces.

Who benefits from delivering outstanding digital experiences?

Everyone. High touch, B2C organizations that suffer from high abandonment on their websites:

  • Retail – Create differentiation in a highly competitive sector
  • Insurance – Speed up form filling and member onboarding
  • Telecommunications – Improve service delivery, first contact resolution, and reduce product returns

Companies that see seasonal spikes in demand and are dependent on brand image and word of mouth:

  • Travel and hospitality – Provide personalized, bespoke service and create brand equity

Those that provide essential services and for whom speed of response and reducing expenses are essential aspects of customer engagement:

  • Utilities – Enable consumers to contact them easily and deliver accurate responses and quick resolutions
  • Outsourcers – Enable innovation, differentiation, and value-addition for their clients

Measure to manage customer experiences

Merely having the tools to service your customers isn’t enough. Knowing what they want and providing it to them proactively is the key. Measure and analyze customer behavior on the website with eGain Analytics. With actionable insight from eGain’s analytics and contact center management solution, you can predict customer behavior and design targeted digital and omnichannel journeys that satisfy and delight them.

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