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What’s New in eGain 21

Gartner and Forrester consistently rate our solution #1 in knowledge-powered customer engagement. With eGain 21, we have raised the bar yet again! In eGain 21, we’ve organized our customer engagement solution into three logical hubs: Conversation Hub to connect, Knowledge Hub to better solve, and Analytics Hub to better optimize customer engagement. Each hub is packed with new…

Knowledge management

Knowledge management for the contact center: The secret behind successful digital CX transformation

The Forrester CX Index reports have been sounding like a broken record year after year. Not a single company offered “excellent customer service,” the index dropped, or it barely moved, or it only millimetered up (attempted humor that also reflects reality!). This is despite the fast and furious addition of digital capabilities such as new…

Customer service

US consumers have delivered the verdict: eGain clients are rockstars in customer service!

Who are the best judges for the customer service performance of brands? The answer is obvious—it is the consumer! Newsweek surveyed 25,000 of them and Forrester Research surveyed 85,000 of them about the customer service performance of leading brands, using extensive frameworks for the evaluation. READ MORE

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Customer experience

Work-From-Home Contact Centers Need Knowledge and Conversational Guidance

What WFH Challenges Do Contextual Knowledge and Conversational Guidance Solve? Agents When working work from home, agents do not have the luxury of walking over to the proverbial next cube for answers. Moreover, traditional training and onboarding programs have been disrupted across all functions, customer service included. Hence the need for a knowledge-powered conversational guidance capability…

Artificial Intelligence

Financial Coaching for Everyone!

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) companies  have long known that consumer financial wellness is their own financial wellness. After all, if consumers are better off financially, they can buy more products and services from BFSI firms. Moreover, personalized advice boosts customer loyalty and brand equity. However, providing it to consumers, staying with them and…

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Knowledge management

Improving call center metrics with knowledge management

The importance of knowledge management in the call center is growing Based on the findings of the TSIA annual report on the state of knowledge management, this is what John Ragsdale, Distinguished Vice President at TSIA, says about the importance of knowledge management (KM). “Though KM has historically been primarily an area of interest for…