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AI-Powered Coaching: Financial Therapist and Savior For Your Beleaguered Customer (and Business)

Consumers are experiencing financial stress–70% feel it with less than half of them having any kind of emergency funds, according to a CNBC survey published in April 2023. Among the reasons are inflation, economic uncertainty, and lack of savings.

What if there is a panacea that can give them an actionable and achievable plan to improve their financial health, while reducing their stress and boosting their confidence at the same time? Enter the eGain AI Coach, Financial Services Edition!

Imagine having a digital financial coach that does not make judgements, understands your situation by asking relevant questions, answers any questions you may have, provides you an action plan to improve your financial wellness, and motivates you through your wellness journey with nudges and celebration along the way. That is exactly what the eGain AI Coach does—and it does it at scale for financial institutions. Reported by our banking and credit union clients, the results are nothing short of stunning:

  • 84% said the wellness plan, recommended by the eGain AI Coach, was achievable (based on responses from ~1900 consumers)
  • 47% of consumers said their Coach conversations reduced their stress (based on responses from ~1300 consumers)!

No wonder close to 50 credit unions and banks have already deployed the eGain AI Coach on their websites and apps for a win-win value proposition—improve the health of their customers and thus improve their own health, so they can ward off threats from pesky startups and megabanks. Deployment is quick and easy since the solution can be activated in minutes! Want to learn more?

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