Agent Experience (AX): The Next Frontier for Elevating the Customer Experience (CX)

Agent Experience (AX) elevates Customer Experience

The focus of this white paper, based on a survey conducted by BenchmarkPortal for eGain, is contact center agents and their experience. While self-service is getting better and better through the use of artificial in­telligence (AI) of varying degrees of sophistication, many questions continue to end up with agents, either because the customer couldn’t find the answer through self-ser­vice, or the customer simply doesn’t like self-service op­tions. In such cases, it is the agent who is expected to raise the customer experience to the highest level of ex­cellence possible.

How can this be done? Read on and dis­cover the research and expert insights that show how su­perior knowledge management lifts up agent experienc­e, which, in turn, elevates the customer experience.

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