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What Analysts Say About eGain Solutions

Top score in the 2023 Gartner Critical capabilities report for the CRM customer engagement center for knowledge management + digital engagement + composable experience platform
Top score for “current offering” (that is, product) in the 2021 Forrester New Wave (most recent report) on Digital-First Customer Service

Digital by Default

The flight to digital channels—SMS, messaging apps, chat, cobrowse, social, self-service, and email, to state a few—continues as younger consumers accelerate the trend and phone wait times get horrendously long.

  • 3.5 billion consumers use messaging apps to communicate, and this number is projected to swell to 4.2 billion by 2025
  • 80% of consumers increased their use of digital channels during the pandemic and 70% say they will continue that level of usage post-pandemic

The eGain Conversation Hub™

eGain Conversation Hub™ is a KMWorld Trend-Setting Product

Rated #1 by Gartner and Forrester for digital customer engagement, the eGain Conversation Hub enables businesses to engage customers in a personalized, proactive, and intelligent manner across digital touchpoints, while integrating out of the box with telephony. Infused with contextual knowledge and AI-powered guidance from the eGain Knowledge Hub and informed by insights from the eGain Analytics Hub, the Conversation Hub includes virtual assistance, self-service, and a digital-first omnichannel advisor desktop that supports the broadest array of interaction channels, while providing a 360-degree view of customer interactions and transactions to the agent. The solution also leverages AssistGPT™, a new, no-code, generative AI capability to help agents find answers and automate knowledge management tasks.

Built on eGain’s composable experience platform with a novel BYO (Bring Your Own) architecture, the Conversation Hub allows you to plug in your own bot, desktop, custom channels, or other technology components. Unlike point products and DIY tool-kits, the Conversation Hub offers rich, out-of-the-box capabilities and includes pre-integrations with existing CRM, contact center, and content management systems, enabling quick business value and superior experiences for customers, agents, and business managers alike. It also fully supports features specific to each interaction channel, creating wow stakeholder experiences.


Blue-chip clients use the eGain Conversation Hub for digital customer service at scale.


contact deflection

Hypergrowth global fashion retailer deflects up to 90% of contacts on order status, products, returns, and refunds with virtual assistance across multiple brands


digital interactions per year

Multinational omnichannel retailer handles 2M+ interactions per year through digital channels such as virtual assistance, messaging, and chat and digital deflection from the IVR


virtual assistance

Mammoth government agency deflected up to 70% of calls with virtual assistance and slashed case handle time by 25%, while providing 400% more taxpayer digital service per hour


chat automation

Leading insurance carrier automates 55% of chats with conversational bot and deflects 39% of calls with digital self-service


members served proactively

National pharmacy chain and healthcare company provides proactive digital service through over a billion outbound notifications per year to 75M+ members

Delight Customers

The Conversation Hub supports the broadest array of digital interaction channels, unifying them to enable seamless, context-aware journeys for customers and contact center agents. Built on the eGain Composable Experience Platform, it includes rich apps for virtual assistance, messaging, chat, cobrowse, click-to-call, social, email, secure messaging, contextual offers, and proactive notifications. Supported messaging channels include SMS, Apple Messages for Business Chat, WhatsApp, Google Business Messaging, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, and more. The solution automatically adapts to channel-specific features to deliver rich customer experiences, including payment support, deep links, structured response, maps, and search.
Conversations can be switched back and forth seamlessly between bots and human agents. Our novel BYO architecture allows businesses to bring in their own custom channels and bots.

Customer queries can be routed with AI decisioning, based on context and customer preference, enhanced with machine learning. The Hub can also leverage third-party routing engines. Contextual knowledge, enhanced by Generative AI, is proactively surfaced through the customer journey.

84% of contact center agents hate their desktop tools and 88% say that the tools do not simplify their day-to-day work

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Delight Agents

eGain Conversation Hub unifies interactions across channels in the eGain Advisor Desktop™, providing a 360-degree view of customer interaction context to agents. Powered by generative AI and knowledge, the Virtual Assistant proactively guides agents with contextual answers and expertise. In conjunction with the eGain Knowledge Hub, step-by-step guidance can be personalized to agent performance and experience level.

Integrate with Ease

The Conversation Hub integrates out of the box with leading CRM, CcaaS, and content management systems. A rich API library makes it easy to add custom channels, extend its capabilities, and integrate with any system.

Analyze to Optimize

The Conversation Hub comes with built-in analytics to optimize customer interactions, cross-channel customer journeys, and the organization’s knowledge-base for effectiveness and efficiencies. The solution includes A/B testing, best-practice dashboards and reports out of the box.

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