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What Analysts Say About eGain

Top score in the 2023 Gartner Critical capabilities report for the CRM customer engagement center for knowledge management + digital engagement + composable experience platform
Top score for “current offering” (that is, product) in the 2021 Forrester New Wave (most recent report) on Digital-First Customer Service

eGain Wins KMWorld Magazine’s KM Promise Award for 2023

eGain Wins KMWorld Magazine’s KM Promise Award for 2023

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Knowledge: The Secret Sauce for Digital Transformation

It is knowledge or bust when it comes to experiences, whether it is CX, AX (agent experience in the contact center), employee experience (EX), or BX (Business Experience).

CX: Customers demand smarter service, whether it is self-service or human-assisted.

AX: As self-service gets smarter, agents are left with mainly complex queries to resolve. No wonder they are looking for a fast, easy way to find the answer needle in the enterprise content haystack and get next-best-action (say or do) guidance to help them resolve customer issues.

BX: Business managers want to wow customers and employees by delivering standout experiences at scale, while ensuring compliance and elevating operational performance.

According to Gartner, knowledge management for customer service can help the enterprise accomplish all of this. We agree with Gartner based on the transformational benefits our clients have been realizing from the eGain Knowledge Hub™.

The eGain Knowledge Hub™

Rated #1 by analysts, the eGain Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive knowledge management solution that improves customer service and empowers employees–agents, knowledge authors, and operations managers.

It delivers accurate answers and personalized conversational and process guidance in the flow of work. Part of the Knowledge Hub is eGain AssistGPT™, a comprehensive, no-code, generative AI tool that helps agents, authors, and operations managers become more effective and efficient.

The Knowledge Hub unifies and orchestrates all the building blocks needed for modern knowledge management: content management, profiled content access, generative and conversational AI, search methods, and knowledge analytics.


Our clients have transformed service at scale with the eGain Knowledge Hub

30 points

increment in Net Promoter Score

Leading telco improved Net Promoter Score by 30 points, First Contact Resolution by 37%, and training time by 50% across 13,000 contact center agents and retail store associates


reduction in agent training time

Leading health insurance provider sustained customer service quality and cut agent training time by 33% even when their entire contact center had to go remote when Covid hit


call deflection

Mammoth federal agency deflected up to 70% of calls, boosted taxpayer service by 400%, and reduced case handling time by 25%


inquiries per year

8000 agents at a leading BPO rely on eGain Knowledge to deliver personalized service to millions of employees at Fortune 500 companies


improvement in speed to answer

Hypergrowth SaaS company improved agent confidence by 60%, answer consistency by 62%, and speed to answer by 67%

Click image to watch video - Knowledge Powered Customer Transformation at BT with eGain
BT transformed their customer service operation across thousands of contact center agents and hundreds of stores with eGain Knowledge Hub. In a 6-minute video, BT’s Head of Customer Technology & Innovation discusses the pivotal role of eGain’s knowledge base in this transformation. Key achievements include a 37% increase in first-contact resolution, a 30% rise in Net Promoter Score (NPS), a 50% reduction in training time, and a 50% improvement in agent speed to competency

Enrich Self-service

Wow your customers with hyper-intelligent self-service

A win-win for the customer and the business, self-service is key to scaling customer service cost-effectively. eGain Knowledge Hub allows you to publish customer-facing knowledge directly to your website so that customers can self-serve, providing a great customer experience and reducing the need for agent contact. Articles and step-by-step process guidance can be published into self-service portals, which can be styled to match the company branding and seamlessly embedded within the company website(s). Contextual knowledge can be pushed proactively to the user, relieving them of cognitive burden and reducing customer effort.

Also available is enterprise-grade virtual assistance in the eGain Virtual Assistant™ that can be deployed on your website, mobile app, and even agent-assisted digital channels for initial engagement and triaging. Where escalation is needed, the Virtual Assistant passes the context to agents for a seamless transition to human-assisted service. Moreover, the Virtual Assistant is able to use enterprise data to personalize responses to returning or authenticated users. Botmasters and analysts can measure, manage, and optimize the Virtual Assistant’s operation by leveraging past customer conversations to further train and improve its performance.

Knowledge management is the #1 technology to simultaneously improve customer experience, employee experience, and operating performance.

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Augment Agents

Make all your agents as good as your best ones

As self-service gets smarter, agents are getting more complex questions. In fact, 63% of contact center agents confirmed this in a recent survey of over 300 agents by BenchmarkPortal. Moreover, today’s millennial and Gen Z agents have a much shorter attention span and hate traditional training. They want to be able to find the answer needle quickly and easily in an ever-growing enterprise content haystack and prefer contextual guidance to be delivered in the flow of their customer conversations.

eGain Knowledge Hub features Instant Answers™, which is powered by generative AI. For example, it can pinpoint and highlight the answer in a long document or compile answers from multiple sources, while providing attribution. Generative AI also helps classify queries, summarize conversations, and generate responses. Also included are multiple search methods such as traditional keyword and faceted search. The hub can also federate answers from third-party content sources such as SharePoint repositories that may already exist in the enterprise.

Powered by AI reasoning, conversational guidance helps agents resolve customer more complex problems and provide situational advice like a trained expert would. The guidance can be personalized to the experience level of the agent. For example, experienced agents may be allowed to take shorter paths to resolution or skip the guidance altogether.

Our clients see up to 35% improvement in First-Contact Resolution, 20% improvement in Net Promoter Score, 50% reduction in training time, and up to a 100% increase agent speed to competency.

Delight Authors

Take the chore out of authoring

eGain Knowledge Hub makes authoring easy with a comprehensive set of capabilities for knowledge creation:

  • Content management: End-to-end content management capabilities, including collaborative authoring, author productivity tools such as WYSIWYG editing, macros, taxonomy management, workflows, and multilingual support. Generative AI helps create, improve, and brand-align content, generate summary and keywords, and organize articles into topics
  • AI authoring: Case-base authoring for conversational guidance
  • Knowledge delivery: Single-sourced, staged publishing, easy portalization, and one-to-one personalization
  • Compliance: Compliance across access, workflows, and conversations

Contact center agents who are not used to working from home are likely to need assistance in finding information that was previously accessed by simply asking colleagues seated near them when working in the office.

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Leverage Insights

Optimize knowledge to maximize value

eGain Knowledge Hub comes with extensive analytics to optimize the knowledgebase across content, intent, guidance, usage, and effectiveness. You can get answers to questions such as the following:

  • What questions are being asked by customers?
  • Are we able to answer them correctly?
  • Are agents using knowledge and guidance effectively?
  • Is the feedback loop driving improvement?
  • What is the impact of the knowledge-base on metrics pertaining to the agent, business and customer experience?

Moreover, generative AI helps extract insights from reports and raw data from customer feedback and create suggestions for improvement.

Connect The Dots

Leverage existing systems with pre-built connectors

Built with an open, BYO (Bring Your Own) architecture, eGain Knowledge Hub comes with pre-built connectors to leading CRM, ECM (Enterprise Content Management), and DM (Document Management) systems. Moreover, the architecture allows you to plug in any third-party bot, desktop, or channel into the hub. For example, you can embed eGain Knowledge into a Salesforce desktop, integrate with bots such as Google Dialog Flow, IBM Watson, and home-grown bots, or leverage any LLM—OpenAI’s GPT-4 or Google Bard, for example. The ability to embed knowledge into the workflow of your agents and push contextual knowledge and guidance to agents makes the difference between success and failure in knowledge implementations.

Knowledge Everywhere

Create once, deploy everywhere

You can create trusted knowledge in one place and deploy it in personalized portals, multiple modes in the flow of work such as third-party desktops or widgets on websites and mobile apps, multiple languages, and interaction channels. Single-sourcing content and guidance ensures consistency and compliance and builds trust in the knowledge-base, which drives up adoption and value creation. Moreover, eGain Knowledge Hub supports 30 languages out of the box and is configurable to be able to interpret, classify, and respond to customer messages in any of these languages.

AI Everywhere

Right tool for the right task

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eGain Knowledge Hub orchestrates and leverages multiple AI technologies across the knowledge creation, management, delivery, and optimization process:

  • Generative AI
  • Conversational AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Case-based reasoning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • ML is used for intent classification and entity extraction
  • Case-based reasoning is used for conversational guidance and decision-making
  • Generative AI is used to automate knowledge management tasks while making it easier for agents to find answers

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