Knowledge Management in Manufacturing

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67% of contact center agents in the manufacturing sector said that customer queries are becoming more complex. But 68% of them do not have any knowledge-based tool to guide them through customer conversations

CX in manufacturing sectors like automobiles in 2023 is lower than it was in 2019

Improving CX by one point can lead to more than $1B in additional revenue!

84% of customer support agents hate their desktop tools


Per Gartner, poor CX has been the biggest barrier to digitalization success and disparate knowledge silos in organizations is a big deterrent to good CX. No wonder Gartner rates knowledge management (KM) as the #1 technology to improve not only CX, a critical success factor for digitalization success, but also the employee experience (EX) and operational performance. But legacy KM systems have failed to deliver the goods, calling for a need to modernize it with a revolutionary new approach called the “Knowledge Hub™.”

The eGain Knowledge Hub is the first such solution to unify and orchestrate all the essential technology building blocks of KM, including content management, profiled access, intent inference, search methods, generative AI, conversational and process AI (what to say and do next), analytics, personalization, and connectors to existing systems.

Why eGain

Industry success

Track record of success at scale with Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing sector.


The top-rated SaaS solution for digital-first, knowledge-powered customer engagement automation that includes unified omnichannel hubs for managing knowledge, conversations, and analytics, powered by generative and conversational AI, ML, and analytics.

Security and compliance

Compliant with privacy and security standards such as PCI, NIST SP 800-53, HIPAA, and FedRAMP.

Ease of innovation

One-of-a-kind, risk-free production pilot—not a toy sandbox—so you and your team can experience the solution free of charge and obligation.

Business value

Rich out-of-the-box functionality for quick business value. Say no to toolkits and multi-year development, customization, and integration nightmares.

Domain expertise

More than two decades of experience in KM and manufacturing domain expertise.

Manufacturing leaders trust eGain!

eGain’s manufacturing clientele includes the who is who of manufacturing companies. Here are examples of their at-scale success, powered by the eGain Knowledge Hub™.

  • Goodyear, the leading tire manufacturer, provides modern digital customer service to millions of consumers, retail stores, and OEM clients with consistent and unified knowledge and AI-backed self-service and agent-assisted service across chatbots, secure messaging, live chat, and email.
  • A-dec, the leader in dental office equipment manufacturing, elevated customer service for its channel partners, doubling dealer self-service adoption, improving contact center agent experience, and boosting sales, all powered by the eGain Knowledge Hub
  • Virgin Mobile, a leading handset manufacturer and mobile carrier, achieved a 23% improvement in customer service quality and a 19% increase in First-Contact Resolution, while reducing unwarranted handset exchanges by 38% through better problem resolution in their contact center with AI and knowledge guidance for agents.


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