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eGain has great technology and a unique way of doing things. We spend a lot of time thinking about how large businesses can consume innovation quickly. eGain Innovation in 30 Days™ (earlier known as eGain Try+Buy™) is a guided innovation consumption model that is safe, easy, and risk-free. A typical client can begin delivering new digital services to customers within days.

This disruptive technology offer includes:

Your use case

  • Identify a high value/high impact use case—any capability offered by eGain Conversations Hub™/ Knowledge Hub™ / Analytics Hub™

Our free no-commitment no-risk 4-week pilot offer

  • Our award-winning top-rated customer engagement software (eGain Conversations Hub™/ eGain Knowledge Hub™/ eGain Analytics Hub™), our cloud
  • Implement the use case—Two weeks of discovery, design, and configuration
  • Put it into production—Two weeks of operation
  • Experience the WOW!
  • Then you decide: Continue or quit
  • No cost, no catch, no commitment

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