Knowledge Management for Outsourcers

When organizations are faced with insufficient capacity or spiraling costs, they frequently turn to outsourcers for assistance. As specialists in the field of customer service, outsourcers rely on process expertise and the economies of scale to deliver multichannel customer service that meets strict service levels as well as generates profit. All of this means outsourcers make heavy demands on the customer service software they use.

Industry challenges and eGain solutions

Multichannel customer service

Many organizations are turning to Outsourcers to deliver and manage emerging customer contact channels such as email or web collaboration because of the advantages gained from the outsourcer’s expertise in these areas and the economies of scale offered by managing high volumes of transactions.

  • eGain has helped leading Outsourcers to meet challenging service levels and provide cost effective customer service through efficient, scalable email management.

Coping with unpredictable contact volumes

Outsourcers face the challenge of unpredictable inquiry volumes and the need for flexible commercial models that address the issues in achieving ROI from fixed term contracts.

  • eGain has helped leading Outsourcers enhance the flexibility and competitiveness of their offering through eGain’s cloud-based deployment and flexible pricing approaches.
  • Many BPOs use eGain’s analytical capabilities — operational analytics, knowledge and channel specific insights — to improve contact center productivity and optimize knowledge use across interaction channels and touchpoints.

On-shore or off-shore?

Organizations who are looking to Outsourcers or BPOs to support rapid growth of customer service operations or enable re-structuring, consolidation or off-shoring have used agent knowledge bases as a means to retain control of process and customer satisfaction whilst enabling outsourced resources to provide manpower.

  • eGain has worked with large companies to develop customer service contact center agent knowledge bases for use by clients and outsourced / off-shore resources.

Complex reporting requirements

Outsourcers need to provide detailed management reporting on operational tasks and SLA while ensuring that client knowledge and data are completely segmented.

  • eGain has helped leading Outsourcers to monitor and manage multi-client, multichannel support operations.

Information, process, and expertise

Outsourcers may be faced with providing effective customer service solutions that range from simple information requests to solving complex problems. Outsourcers have to build their relationships with their clients by demonstrating excellence in handling simple customer queries as well as more complex and valuable interactions, apart from being value generators for their clients through point-of-service upsell and cross-sell.

  • eGain has helped leading Outsourcers capture regulations-compliant knowledge, and best practice diagnostic and fault resolution procedures into highly effective knowledge bases.
  • Intelligent BPOs use eGain’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) guidance to ensure that the BPO staff are providing the right next steps towards service resolution or problem diagnosis.

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An incredible real-world example of AI guidance at work

A newbie agent for a utilities company actually saved a customer’s life! eGain’s AI+knowledge solution guided him to offer the right advice to the customer, at the right time — right before their house exploded. Hear it for yourself.
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