Digital Customer Experience

Digital customer demands digital experiencesWho is a Digital Customer?

Digital customers are those who use digital channels—the web, mobile, and social—to consume content, engage with brands, and complete a transaction, according to the Gartner glossary.

What is Digital Customer Experience?

Digital customer experience (DX) refers to customer interactions with businesses using the digital channels on offer and their experience of it over the course of their relationship.

Digital Customers Demand Digital Experiences

According to a Forrester survey, customer web self-service surpassed phone interactions for the first time ever in 2014. Add to that live chat, cobrowsing, social, messaging channels, adoption of mobile search and apps, and you have a perfect digital disruption scenario being played out. And it’s not just your customers but your employees, too, who have gone digital. Your business has no choice but to deploy the right digital engagement tools to engage them.

Digital Customer Experience is About Your Business’ Survival

Adopting digital customer engagement technologies and strategies isn’t just about getting competitive advantage, it’s a matter of your organization’s survival (McKinsey & Co, July 2014).

When common life was thrown out of gear due to COVID-19, so were businesses. There was a rush of consumers seeking help over digital channels – digital customer service usage increased. The businesses that survived and thrived were the ones that transformed quickly to make digital experience their focus of engagement.

Digital Customer Experience > Digital + Customer Experience

Some would assume digital customer experience or DX (or DCX as some call it) to be a just a subset of customer experience or CX, but it takes a lot more to get digital customer experience right.

Successful digital customer experience is a sum of four stakeholder experiences

The experiences that equal digital experienceFor a holistic way to design and deliver successful digital experiences, you need to take care of all stakeholder experiences.

  • AX: agent experience
  • BX: business experience
  • CX: customer experience
  • TX: technology experience

It’s easy to remember. AX+BX+CX+TX = DX™

We call it the Theory of Experiences™. And your business needs this formula to achieve the digital transformation of customer service.

Capabilities in a digital engagement solution

Digital customer engagement software can include these capabilities.

  • Digital self-service and AI chatbot
  • Unified chat, video, voice, and cobrowse capabilities
  • Proactive, dynamic, and contextual offers for assistance and knowledge
  • Automated, interactive, and personalized messaging
  • Social media customer service
  • Management of large volumes of inbound emails, web forms, emails, faxes, and letters
  • Mobile engagement

eGain For Digital Customer Experience

eGain solutions are digital-first. eGain’s unique eGain CEH™ Platform ensures that when your consumers contact your business, from anywhere, at any time, over any device or touchpoint, they are assured of consistent, personalized experiences. The flexibility of the CEH platform also allows you to incrementally add digital channels as your digital customer engagement strategy evolves.

No Industry is Untouched

Digital is all-pervasive—immersed in people’s lives and an imperative for most business’ survival

Organizations that suffer from high abandonment on their websites

  • Retail—Create differentiation in a highly competitive sector
  • Insurance—Speed up form filling and member onboarding
  • Telecommunications—Improve service delivery, first contact resolution, and reduce product returns

Companies that see seasonal spikes in demand and depend on brand image and word of mouth:

  • Travel and hospitality—Provide personalized, bespoke service and create brand equity

Enterprises that provide essential services and for whom speed of response and reducing expenses are essential aspects of customer engagement.

  • Utilities—Enable consumers to contact them easily and deliver accurate responses and quick resolutions
  • Outsourcers—Enable innovation, differentiation, and value-addition for their clients

Thought Leadership and Lessons Learned

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