Digital Experience (DX), a Sweet Spot for Digital Transformation

Digital by Default

As customers went “digital by default,” businesses have been following suit. Digital channels and touchpoints now include SMS, messaging, social, and mobile, apart from self-service, email, chat, and cobrowse. They are also your consumers’ preferred first point of contact. Your customer engagement strategy, even while being omnichannel, needs to address this bias towards digital customer experiences.

Delight or Die

In a grim reality, companies that couldn’t accelerate their digital experience initiatives in the changing customer landscape have gone bankrupt.

  • McKinsey called the adoption of digital customer engagement technologies and strategies as a matter of survival (McKinsey & Co, July 2014).
  • McKinsey also found that apart from about 20% of consumers, all either prefer to use or will use digital channels when needed. (2019)
  • A survey done to assess the impact of COVID-19 on digital experience (DX) found that 80% of respondents had increased their use of digital customer service.
    Digital experience is the default choice for customers

Digital Experience is the Way Ahead

When it comes to digital transformation, digital transformation of experience or digital experience (DX) has been a sweet spot. Chief Digital Officers or CDOs are being pushed to formulate and operationalize digital engagement strategies that will deliver the digital experiences consumers need right now.

However, companies have focused far more on the customer experience (CX) than other stakeholder experiences such as contact center agent experience (AX) or the business’ own experience in consuming the technology and running the contact center (BX) or their technological and innovation consumption experience (TX). That may be the reason why CX has been in perpetual stagnation or decline over the last several years—just look at the Forrester CX Index data where zero percent companies have delivered excellent customer service. The Theory of Experiences is the way ahead for the digital transformation of customer experience.

Thought leadership

eGain CEO talks about connecting the dots to improve the digital experience

Best practice guide

Acquiring Digital Customer Engagement Software: Vendor Traps

As an executive in CX, digital transformation, IT, or procurement, you constantly face the challenge of doing the impossible—helping improve or even transform digital customer experience, while reducing cost and risk. Selecting a solution provider is complicated and challenging—so many choices, vendors that say, “We, too,” and everyone claiming to solve world hunger. How do you pick the right solution provider, succeed in your initiative, and avoid holding the bag, when all is said and done?

We’ll tell you the software vendor traps to watch out for as you choose one to help achieve your DX mission.

Digital experience

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