eGain Connector for IBM Watson Assistant


The eGain Connector for IBM Watson Assistant makes it easy for businesses to leverage IBM Watson AI and deliver joined-up omnichannel service to customers at scale. The out-of-the-box connector leverages eGain’s unique BYOB™ (Bring Your Own Bot) architecture and allows business users to easily plug in the Watson Assistant into the eGain platform with no coding, eliminating integration costs and speeding up time to value.

Using the connector, businesses can automate and augment customer conversations over self-service, chat, and other messaging channels. With access to 360-degree view of conversations, the integration allows context-aware escalation to human-assisted chat, where needed. Conversation control can be handed off seamlessly across multiple bots to human agents while delivering a smart experience to consumers.


Per Gartner, less than 10% of customer service journeys are fulfilled using self-service, which is why it is critical to integrate chatbots with human-assisted service channels such as live chat. eGain’s BYOB architecture facilitates this integration by allowing contact centers to easily connect any third-party bot to the eGain platform.

eGain’s integration with the Watson Assistant improves customer, agent, and business experiences at once:


Customer Experience

When customers escalate to human-assisted chat, their context is passed to the contact center agent so that they do not need to repeat information to the agent.


Agent Experience

Agents get to see interactions that customers have already had with the Watson Assistant and have full context before they start their conversation, making it a better experience for both the agent and the customer.


Business Experience

Business users can plug Watson into the eGain platform through a simple configuration in a matter of minutes. They also have the flexibility of using the Watson UI (user interface) and backend together, or eGain’s UI in the frontend with Watson’s backend.


Stay with an eGain’s own award-winning chatbot or plug in a third-party chatbot.

Add new channels in minutes. Use each channel’s native capabilities. “Preferred Agent” feature to connect the customer to the same agent again.

Configure the system through a business-friendly user interface (UI). No IT expertise required.

Support multimedia formats.

Support multiple message types such as startChat, endChat, sendMessageToAgent, updateState, areAnyAgentsOnline, userTyping features in the IBM Chat widget.

Ensure security certification and privacy controls.

Extensive reporting and analytics to optimize conversational journeys.


Easy configurable integration gets the connector working quickly using eGain Conversation Hub credentials.
Easy addition of messaging channels such as Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages leveraging eGain open BYOX™ architecture.
Seamless passage of conversation history from Watson Assistant to eGain Conversation Hub enables agents to provide better customer experience.

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