From IVR headache to digital happiness with eGain SmartIVR™!

The IVR Problem

  • IVRs are notorious for long hold times and trapping customers in conversational cul-de-sacs. No wonder 85% of consumers dislike them, according to an Accenture survey.
  • Businesses have little idea of the customer experience in their IVR banks.
  • Most IVRs have no connectivity with digital channels, missing a big opportunity to deflect smartphone callers into digital self-service.
  • Making changes to IVR business logic requires IT involvement.


eGain SmartIVR™

eGain SmartIVR is an over-the-top solution to modernize IVR systems. Businesses can offer smartphone callers an easy choice to resolve queries via digital messaging and intelligent self-service. And they can optimize the IVR experience with end-to-end analytics.

Connect callers
With eGain Messaging Hub to digital messaging

Solve queries
With virtual assistance and AI and knowledge

Optimize customer journeys
With analytics across IVR and digital touchpoints