Webinar | Transform IVR Experiences with Digitalization and AI

85% of consumers dislike the IVR experience, per Accenture. We just surveyed 500 consumers to learn about their experience with IVRs when they called businesses or government agencies from their smartphones. Their experience was so miserable that a whopping 86% tried to zero out to a human contact center agent!

Businesses, on the other hand, are faced with the conundrum of improving IVR CX without throwing away their expensive, legacy IVR systems.

The solution? Modernizing the IVR with digitalization and AI.

You will know more about the following topics.

  • Industry trends on IVRs
  • Details from our hot-off-the-press survey findings on the IVR customer experience
  • Three steps to modernize IVRs with digitalization and AI
  • What wow looks like in the modernized IVR experience

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