Knowledge Management in Marketing

Put your website to work for your business

With customers increasingly using the Web to interact with businesses, delivering unique and memorable web customer experiences is both an imperative and an opportunity. eGain can help you get past “me too” website initiatives. eGain’s web customer experience software™ offers the broadest range of innovative, easy-to-deploy applications to deliver memorable experiences to website visitors as they use the Web for research, purchase, or customer service.


Reinforce your brand at Web touch points.

Deploy a chatbot, configured to match your brand’s personality, to

  • Reinforce the brand through brand-aligned self-service experience
  • Greet users and offer a tour of the website, answer frequently asked questions, and conduct surveys
  • Escalate issues to live agents

Set up branded multimodal self-service channels

  • Create a customer portal with FAQs, search, browse, and guided help that simulates the interactions of your best agents through patented Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) technology
  • Embed widgets on web pages to let customers access the knowledge base or their account information
  • Align customer service web pages with the look and feel of the web site

Manage your online reputation with a social connector

  • Manage your brand by tracking and acting on what is being said about your brand
  • Post responses on forums
Customer service is a company-wide effort


Keep visitors longer on your website.

  • Encourage exploration with an intelligent, multilingual chatbot and guided self-service
  • Offer proactive, follow-along help through reactive and proactive live chats and contextual FAQs


Offer the real-time assistance that browsers need to become buyers:


Keep the conversation going to cross-sell and upsell.

  • Grow revenue through “point-of-service captive marketing” in a unified way within and across interaction channels such as email, SMS, and voice
  • Send proactive notifications about products and services to customers through the channel of their choice—email, SMS, or voice; encourage them to learn about products and services through RSS feeds and mobile and webtop widgets
  • Set up your email management system to include relevant information about new products and services as signatures in outgoing emails to customers


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