Co-browsing Software: eGain Cobrowse


increase in sales for a US-based insurer when it provided cobrowsing assistance in online form-filling


product growth seen for customers who use cobrowse with click-to-call



financial agents use cobrowse with click to call and live chat to increase online sales

Wouldn’t it be great if an agent was able to chat or talk to your customer on the phone as the customer was browsing your website? The agent could then help the digital customer shop, resolve problems, fill an online form, or perform other transactions. Cobrowsing software is a business’ answer to exactly that need.


Say Insurance® starts with eGain Cobrowse for digital member engagement

True co-browsing software for digital customer support

eGain Cobrowse™ is a true cobrowsing technology (not just a screen-sharing feature) that enables your customer service and contact center agents to offer the digital support online customers need in the most human way possible. It allows agents to provide high-value, collaborative, realtime service. By offering assistance exactly at the time of need, your business can convert website visitors—customers and prospects—into profitable, long-term customers.

eGain Cobrowse is designed to provide smooth cobrowsing experiences even on complex websites.


  • Allows phone and chat agents to provide a richer, multimedia experience by conducting a simultaneous cobrowse session.

Easy and secure

  • Enables the agent and the customer to fill out forms together, field by field, even highlighting specific areas of a form or web page for additional clarity.
  • Allows business rules to be created for specific web pages. For example, a business rule can be written to restrict agents from submitting forms or viewing sensitive information in certain form fields.

Easy to manage

  • Can be set up to allow cobrowsing sessions only in specific sections of the website.
  • Offers configurations to enforce company and regulatory policies.

Customer-agent collaboration

With eGain Cobrowse, your agents are literally “on the same page” as your customers. Agents can augment a phone call or live chat or a click-to-call session with cobrowse.

  • They can offer secure and confidential over-the-shoulder assistance by cobrowsing rich web content
  • Businesses can configure fine-grained cobrowsing rules to disable read or edit access for agents to specific fields within web pages and web forms to ensure client privacy and process compliance
  • All agent and client cobrowse actions are logged and available for reporting, auditing, and discovery


Available on 98% of browsers

No downloads required

Ensures privacy and compliance by allowing business rules to be configured to disable read, edit, submit actions on elements of forms

Allows comprehensive session logging

Combine it with eGain Chat™ and eGain ClickToCall™ to let customers seamlessly combine live chat with cobrowse, or click-to-call with cobrowse while researching, deciding, and buying on the website

With eGain Offers™, businesses can proactively offer cobrowse sessions to website visitor

Provides a 360 degree view of customer interaction history to agents

Provides true multichannel experience as it can be used in conjunction with a phone call, web chat, or click-to-call session

Organically built on the CEH platform, eGain Cobrowse works seamlessly with all other products in the eGain products suite

Simple to set up