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Chat Is A Key Customer Service Channel

According to Gartner Research, “Chat has become an imperative first point of engagement, with customer journeys starting on digital channels or the web via a mobile phone.”

For more, see Gartner’s report, Select the Best Approach for Connected Customer Service Experiences:

Is chat essential for businesses?

  • In a survey of 8,398 customers, Gartner found chat to be in the top two channels preferred by customers.
  • A consumer survey by Forrester showed chat (and cobrowse) lead other interaction methods by 24–31% in customer satisfaction ratings by channel.

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Chat Has Many Flavors

Chat is not just text. Chat has moved on from simple text-based interaction to audio chat, video chat, and now, messaging.

Messaging-based chat is the rage. Messaging is now the fastest growing chat channel for global brands. It is an example of asynchronous chat where customers can chat at their convenience, sending requests and clarifications over minutes and hours. Similarly, business associates serving these customers can respond with some delay, the customer does not expect real-time response on messaging channels because of the expectation of mutually convenient interactivity. Messaging happens via SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Google’s Business Messages, Apple Business Chat… the list is dynamic with new messaging channels being added constantly.

Chat can be reactive and proactive. In the latter, instead of website visitors initiating a chat by clicking a chat icon, consumers are presented with a popup offering them a chance to chat or cobrowse with an agent. It is a crucial sales tactic. With a combination of cobrowse, chat, and click to call, insurance and financial services companies have seen their onboarding numbers go up by as much as 200%.

eGain Chat and Messaging Products

eGain Chat™ is a comprehensive live chat software that includes text chat, proactive chat, audio chat, and video chat capabilities. With it, agents can offer real-time assistance to website visitors, exchanging text messages, files, web pages, and knowledge base articles to answer their queries.

Chat includes text, audio, video

eGain Messaging Hub™ is the new eGain way of handling messaging channels for customer service. It offers a complete set of capabilities for messaging-based conversation. The hub architecture ensures that businesses can serve customers through new messaging channels as they emerge.


eGain Cobrowse™ helps customer service agents share and co-navigate a website and its pages with website visitors. It can be used to augment customer experience on a phone call as well as online chat. The software offers granular read, write and security controls that businesses can configure without IT help.


Chat Thought Leadership

Mobile chat

Mobile chatting is as natural as breathing to the new generations. Know the best practices to do it right.

Messaging: Connect channels easily, deliver easy experiences

Know how the messaging hub is built to grow along with your channel mix. It is fronted with an AI chatbot to automatically engage and resolve routine inquiries.

Customer Service Chat Best Practices

6 Steps to Improve Customer Service with Live Chat

Chat, alone or when teamed up with collaboration apps like cobrowse and click-to-call, are great at attracting and keeping customers. However, chat adoption pays off best when you leverage best practices from selection to deployment and continuous improvement. Here’s a six-step plan to improve customer service with live chat.

Cobrowse for Customer Engagement

Cobrowse is your answer to long handle times, lost productivity, abandoned shopping carts, lost revenue, and just generally, terrible customer experiences. And in these times of social distancing and work from home, cobrowse can effectively mimic in-person assistance. Know the what, why, how of cobrowsing with customers.

More chat best practices

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