Knowledge Management for Dummies

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eGain Special Edition - Knowledge Management for Dummies: Evaluate Customer Experience, Empower Employees, Transform the business. Authors: Anand Subramaniam, Ian Jones, and Lawrence Miller

Per Gartner, knowledge management (KM) is the #1 technology that can simultaneously elevate the customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and operational performance all at once. Yet, KM means different things to different people and often creates confusion.

The first and only publication of its kind, this booklet defines and demystifies KM. It also discusses how to select solution partners and succeed in KM initiatives. The use-case is focused mainly on the customer service space, a sweet spot for knowledge-powered value creation. The lessons, however, are applicable to business functions outside the contact center, too. The booklet is also chock full of real-world success stories and best-practice tips for success.

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