Service Cloud for Customer Engagement: eGain Cloud


Passed stringent cloud security audits


No-loss record for eGain Cloud


eGain Cloud’s aggregate uptime record over 15 years

Industry’s first cloud software suite for customer service

eGain Cloud™ is the first cloud customer engagement software suite in the industry, created even before cloud was “cool.” eGain’s top-rated cloud software for social, mobile, web, and contact centers help clients deliver connected customer journeys in an omnichannel world.

Businesses demand cloud solutions when they need results fast. Secure, dedicated deployments free them from drawn-out installs, remove worries about privacy and security, and refocus attention on critical goals. eGain provides the security and dependability eGain Cloud is reliable and scalableneeded by tough customers, including government, healthcare, and financial institutions. The cloud software’s proven on-demand model for online sales and service provides a foundation of reliability and scalability that delivers hard-to-beat benefits for businesses of all sizes:

  • Deploy 2X faster than on premise
  • Get to market 30% faster with systematic upgrades
  • Spread financial impact across duration of use
  • Reduce procurement and IT issues
  • Deliver up to 25% higher satisfaction with the trusted vendor managing the entire software and hardware stack

Deliver integrated, omnichannel customer engagement from the cloud

eGain Engagement Cloud seamlessly integrates interactions. Tap the voice of your customers, and engage them proactively on any channel. Supercharge self-service. Step in with live assistance when it’s needed most. Stop abandonment and improve online sell-through. All from a single integrated suite.

eGain Engagement Cloud includes apps for:

  • Contact center engagement over email, chat, and phone channels
  • Social engagement, directly from the socially-blended agent desktop or from a social dashboard with eGain Social
  • Web engagement through chatbot assistance, web self-service, live chat and collaboration channels, secure messaging, and context-based dynamic offers
  • Mobile engagement, with virtual assistant, self-service, chat, and offer management through eGain Mobile
  • Secure, proactive messaging and notification, via web, email, voice, SMS, fax, and mobile
  • Access and connectivity to legacy data, content, telephony, CRM, and more using eGain Adapters and eGain Web Services
  • Real time monitoring, reporting, and analysis


Bolstered with security best practices

Multi-layer security

Integration with 3rd party authentication

Granular permissions and operator lockout

99.9+% aggregate uptime over 15 years; 100% no-loss record

Redundancy and elasticity

Fault tolerant service architecture for elastic deployment of DB, app servers, and service layers

Virtualization for fast deployment and provisioning, high availability

Disaster recovery options for fast restoration of service

Knowledge anytime, anywhere

Putting knowledge in the cloud helps deliver consistent answers at the user’s fingertips, regardless of channel. In minutes, configure portals to infer customers’ intent, react to behavior, and proactively guide them. Harvest new knowledge, improve answer findability, and provide customers and agents a “single source of truth” regardless of source.

The Knowledge Cloud Tale

How does one company win in customer service while another fails? See in this video how the smart Company A uses knowledge in the cloud to scale customer service for any time, everywhere engagement.

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