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minutes’ SLA maintained for responses to social posts, by an online fashion retailer


social responses are posted every week by a telco company via eGain Social


social customer service provided to customers of a leading telco

Social networking is the biggest trend to hit the Internet in the last few years. Aided by the rapid adoption of smart phones, consumers are sharing their views about products and companies much more easily through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums. This free-flowing viral conversation is a challenge and opportunity for your business. Unaddressed negative perceptions can easily spin out of control to become a public relations nightmare for your business. On the other hand, a timely, appropriate response to complaints or negative perceptions is seen as a sign of caring.

eGain Social™ is a one-of-a-kind product for social customer service, knowledge harvesting and single-sourced social publishing, and reputation management. It enables you to monitor social networks such as Facebook®, Twitter® and blogs for customer queries, analyze their content, analyze search results for sentiment, route them intelligently, and post responses privately or back to the social cloud in media-customized formats. For instance, Twitter posts use shortened URLs and conform to the 140 character limit. When combined with eGain SelfService™ and configured appropriately, social knowledge is displayed as part of self-service portal searches. eGain Social is an integral part of the eGain Customer Engagement Hub Suite.



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    Social Customer Service

Monitor social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, forums, and blogs for listed and relevant keywords, with eGain Social Adapters 

360Plus™ unified agent desktop seamlessly blends social queries with those from traditional channels like phone, email, SMS, chat, and cobrowse for a social-blended view of the customer and the context

Operational metrics available on social response SLAs, response time by agent or queue, topic trends, etc.

Advanced workflows route social posts to the best queue or agent based on configurable business rules

Post responses, comments, and information on social media channels

    Knowledge Harvesting

Enables harvesting of the best of social knowledge, and single-sourced proactive publishing across social and traditional to maximize ROC (Return on Content)

Social content are included as a seamless part of federated search results

    Reputation Management

Monitors social networks, blogs, and forums for discussions about the company

Analyzes posts and mentions by factors such as the sentiment and the social value of the poster

Routes the post as a task to the right person or queue

Allows seamless switching of social interactions to a discreet, private conversation without losing context

Measure and manage metrics such as positive and negative trends in brand mentions, effectiveness and speed of responses by agent, queue, product, or brand