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eCommerce Customer Service Expectation is Soaring like its Volume

eCommerce is where your customers are headed this holiday season and the next

Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide. In 2019, global eCommerce sales was $3.53 trillion (Statista).

But, while eCommerce volume is increasing every year, so is shopping abandonment.

Baymard Institute puts average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate at 69.80%. The reasons for abandonment can be many—a cluttered website, unexpected shipping costs, lack of personal assistance at crucial points in the purchasing process—but the main issue is the retailer’s unpreparedness to meet the expectations of a social networking, channel hopping, multi-device using customer base.

Challenges for eCommerce businesses and eGain solutions

Customers might prefer self-service but also want personal assistance

There are many occasions during the shopping journey—in the research, decide, and buy stages—that make customers abandon a session midway. At these times, a large number of consumers look for some sort of personalized assistance. If they receive that timely help, they are more likely to complete the transaction and possibly, buy more.

  • eGain solutions proactively engage the customer at the right time to save the deal. They enable businesses to present tailored offers on websites, such as, shipping discounts, deals, coupons, marketing content, agent assistance through chat, click to call, or cobrowse etc.
  • Agents guide customers to fill up high value complex forms and complete the transaction.

Holiday season shopping is increasingly shifting to the Web

Customers want to transact with you over the channel and device of their choice. Apologizing for not being available over any of those touchpoints is no good (it’s only value lies in its ability to drive your customers to the competitor).

  • eGain solutions provide a seamless experience across touchpoints. A contemporary interface, common across devices—desktops, smartphones, tablets (Apple iPhone and iPad, Android-based devices), enables consistent branding and customer experiences.

Online and offline customer journeys are joined

Shoppers don’t follow a linear path to a sales or service goal. Just as the Web is influencing retail sales with people researching products, prices, and deals online but buying in-store, offline or in-store experiences are also affecting web sales. It’s essential that you provide consistent service and information at every point the customer touches you.

  • All eGain solutions are built on the unique customer engagement hub (CEH) platform. So, every in-store staff and contact center or field agent, across channels, has access to the same set of processes, technology, knowledge base, analytics, and 360-degree multichannel view of the customer. This enables them to deliver informed, consistent, and satisfactory customer experiences.

Social is the new word-of-mouth

Social recommendations and reviews, even by strangers, is the new word-of-mouth. Additionally, social media is now being used by B2C companies to drive business to their retail stores or websites.

  • eGains solutions for social customer service and reputation management allow eBusinesses to engage with social customers in the social cloud, with the flexibility of taking the conversation private to a traditional channel like email or chat. The customer can also be provided links to a secure message center in case of sensitive communications.

Old problems in new bottle

eCommerce is suffering from the same old problems of customer retention, shrinking basket size, cart abandonment, and rising customer service costs.

  • The eGain hub enables B2C companies to provide best-in-class and integrated web self-service, email response management, knowledge management, and web collaboration over social, mobile, web, and contact center channels. It has helped many eCommerce companies deliver superior customer experiences and save costs. eGain also addresses the customer’s safety and security concerns by getting certifications for conducting secure transactions over the internet.

eGain Clients ranked #1 in Newsweek's Best Customer Service Companies 2021. Categories: Toys, Outdoor sporting goods, Nutrition & weight loss programs, Apparel, Carsharing, Travel agencies, Shipping & Delivery

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