Omnichannel Customer Service Experience

What is Omnichannel Customer Experience

Omnichannel customer experience refers to the experience customers have of the customer service offered by businesses through multiple channels that are connected across touchpoints for content consistency and context continuity.

The context needs to be focused on the issue at hand while drawing from a 360-degree view, and continuity means the conversation keeps moving forward—no asking for mother’s maiden name more than once, for example.

Omnichannel vs multichannel vs multimodal customer experience

While opinions vary, multichannel customer service refers to using multiple channels for customer service but with or without integration of the channels for content, context, and continuity.

Omnichannel, on the other hand, includes this integration, creating a seamless experience across channels. This definition has evolved over time and will continue to do so.

Gartner refers to multimodal interactions as the use of multiple channels concurrently during the same interaction. An example is when a contact center agent cobrowses with a consumer while having a chat or phone conversation at the same time.

Why be omnichannel in customer service

Today’s customer uses multiple channels to buy products and get service—six touchpoints, on average (Source: Marketing Week). And they expect continuity of experience across channels and touchpoints. For example, when a website visitor escalates to website chat, the agent should have the complete self-service session history of the website visitor up to that point.

Excellence in delivering omnichannel customer experience has thus become an imperative.

Why eGain for omnichannel customer experience

Guided by AI, knowledge, and connected analytics, eGain’s customer engagement suite enables excellence in digital-first, omnichannel customer engagement across digital self-service, including virtual assistance, messaging, chat, social, and email, seamlessly integrated with voice.

Based on a unified platform, the solution is trusted by blue-chip brands for customer engagement at scale that is effective, efficient, and consistent, while being compliant with best practices and industry regulations.

Explore eGain for omnichannel CX

What does the perfect omnichannel experience look like? Something like this.

Explore eGain for Retail

Omnichannel customer service in action

Case study
Cable giant uses eGain for omnichannel customer service for thousands of agents across in-house and outsourced contact centers and multiple continents.

H&R Block selects eGain for AI-powered customer engagement

Tax preparation giant will use eGain for digital engagement, fronted by virtual assistant, and integrated with human chat and cobrowse, to provide contextual help to DIY tax payers.

The General® deploys eGain to improve digital experiences for customers

The General uses eGain for customer self-service on its website. Its customer service representatives also use the solution for online chat interactions with customers. The company will soon roll out eGain’s cobrowse technology to enable customer service reps to help customers navigate its website and fill out online forms.

Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. selects eGain for omnichannel customer service

“We plan to leverage eGain technology to enhance our service delivery and expand our servicing touch points for financial advisors,” said Matt Kramper, Vice President, Client Experience at Waddell & Reed. “With the eGain cloud platform, we will boost client satisfaction and drive operational efficiency across interaction channels.”