surveyed US consumers have increased digital customer service usage during COVID-191


of surveyed US, UK consumers found messaging to be “effective” for customer service2


find repeating info after escalation from a chatbot as the biggest pain in customer service3

Cloud-based customer engagement hub that is trusted by leaders

eGain Solve™ is the industry’s leading omnichannel customer engagement software suite

Rated #1 by analysts and trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, eGain Solve helps businesses design and deliver smart, connected customer journeys across social, mobile, web, and contact centers. You can sell smarter, serve better, and know more.

eGain Solve™ is the industry’s only unified customer engagement and knowledge management software suite. It consists of modular, best-of-breed applications built on a one-of-a-kind customer engagement hub platform, eGain CEH™ Platform, that combines 360-degree customer context, intelligent process guidance, and actionable knowledge to enhance every customer interaction. Moreover, the web-services-based architecture of the platform enables rapid innovation and extension of customer engagement capabilities.

  • eGain Superchat empowers businesses to proactively engage customers beyond text chat with unified auto chat, video, voice, and cobrowse. Superchat also allows consumers to hop across media channels or use them together, for instance, video chat and cobrowse. Also, businesses can easily set up rules to offer contextual assistance without IT assistance.
  • eGain Social Experience Suite is a complete, one-of-its-kind solution for integrated social customer service, knowledge harvesting, and reputation management. Unlike alternatives, it is comprehensive, blended with other interaction channels, and designed for enabling best practices in social customer service.
  • eGain Advisor Desktop to enable next-gen agents with a next-gen desktop
    • Digital-first agent desktop that combines rich, digital engagement capabilities with enhanced call handling, embedded knowledge and Artificial Intelligence (AI), operational analytics, and journey analytics for customers and agents
    • Digital-first, omnichannel workspace that morphs to the context and task at hand, showing only hyper-relevant information needed to handle it rather than cluttering it with data that are irrelevant to solving the problem at hand
    • Enhanced call handling and case management to complement digital capabilities
    • eGain Click-to-Solve™: Push-button access to proven knowledge capabilities for fast, accurate answers to customer questions, and AI-powered process guidance through the Solve Button™
    • eGain Click-to-Ask™: Push-button access to peers and subject matter experts. Advisers can send one-to-one or one-to-many messages with the click of a button to get in-band help to speed up problem resolution
    • eGain Click-to-Suggest™: Enables advisers to recommend articles to add to the knowledge-base
    • Two-way embeddability: Agents can see relevant information from third-party systems, reducing or eliminating the need to “alt-tab” across multiple applications during a service interaction. Likewise, eGain capabilities can be embedded in third-party desktops
  • eGain OpenCEH Platform is a common platform for managing service processes and knowledge across multiple channels, contact centers, and departments.
  • eGain Adapters provide certified integrations with leading business, call center, content, email, and social media software.
  • eGain Web Services API enables customer and partner innovation by customizing, extending, and leveraging eGain OpenCEH Platform capabilities
  • eGain Widgets (Mobile and Web) consist of a range of powerful, lightweight mini-applications that enable “always-on” access to the interaction capabilities and vital business information and content in your eGain deployment from mobile devices and web interfaces.

The statistics were sourced from these recently conducted customer service surveys

1 Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Customer Service

2 State of Messaging for Customer Service

3 Consumers Say No to Chatbot Silos in US and UK Survey

eGain Solve is a KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2019



Powerful service resolution capability to help agents resolve complex issues quickly, available through the Solve Button™

Graphical workflows to easily route and track interactions

Knowledge base, interaction records, users and user groups, reports, dashboards, and real-time monitors shared by products

Custom-created activities and fields to match the needs of any business

Pre-built adapters for easy access to information in external data and content sources and email systems

Specialized consoles for agents, social media managers, supervisors, managers, business analysts, knowledge authors, and administrators

The CEH Advantage

Woo, wow, and keep customers by making it easy for them to do business with you

Establish and extend competitive advantage by offering better customer experiences

Dramatically reduce interaction costs and increase sales

Deploy new interaction channels at very little cost

Maximize contact center productivity, service consistency, business process efficiencies, and self-service adoption

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