Customer Engagement Hub

Customer Engagement Hub (CEH), a Competitive Advantage

  • Woo, wow, and keep customers by making it easy for them to do business with you
  • Establish and extend competitive advantage by offering better customer experiences
  • Dramatically reduce interaction costs and increase sales
  • Deploy new interaction channels at very little cost
  • Maximize contact center productivity, service consistency, sales conversion, and self-service adoption

What is eGain Customer Engagement Hub™?

Based on the Power of One™, the concept of one unified platform for omnichannel customer engagement and knowledge management, an eGain Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) enables dramatically improved customer experience, end-to-end engagement efficiencies, increased sales, and enhanced contact center performance. It comes with an expansive range of capabilities.

Centralized business rules and workflow

Customers want consistent experience across channels. For instance, a platinum customer will want the best service level regardless of the channel—email, chat, or the phone. With eGain CEH, contact centers can implement common business rules and cross-channel workflows using a powerful visual designer within the platform and leverage it across all channels.

Common user and system administration

Managing disparate single-channel applications, and integrating them—with each other and with back-end systems—while managing user profiles across many applications is cumbersome, error-prone, time-consuming, and expensive. A customer engagement hub provides centralized administration of business and system resources.

Cross-channel case management and interaction tracking

eGain Solve suite provides a complete view of omnichannel interactions and the ability to seamlessly track a service request or case across channels and people in an enterprise or a service chain.

Single knowledge base with adaptive content management

A key requirement for an effective customer engagement hub is a common knowledge base. With centralized content and adapters for integrated access to content in existing repositories, the hub in the solution ensures that customers receive the same offers and answers across channels and agents.

Easy integration with other enterprise systems

eGain’s customer engagement suite, eGain Solve™ makes it easy to extend the hub to include other enterprise resources with certified out-of-the-box adapters for leading call center, content, and business systems, and a published web services API.

Omnichannel analytics

Benefit from integrated customer journey analytics.

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