Contact Center Software for the Modern Call Center

Call center software for innovation and differentiation

If one were to map call center software to Gartner’s pace layer framework for applications, software for customer service, AI, knowledge management, and analytics clearly fall in the innovation and differentiation layer. That is also our experience with our clients as they use our contact center solution to innovate and deliver differentiated customer experience.

Call center software, Contact center software

What used to be call centers, because phone calls were the main interaction channel they handled, are now contact centers.

Phones are just what contact centers start with. Now, they deal with emails, chat, cobrowse, social media, messaging (SMS, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, etc.), escalations from self-service, and VoIP calls. The new avatar needs new software.

What eGain offers

eGain provides a suite of call and contact center applications for digital-first, omnichannel customer service and engagement, guided by AI, knowledge, and analytics.

Built and refined over two decades, the solution comes with rich capabilities out of the box and delivers fast value. In order to make consumption easy, the company offers a novel, risk-free, obligation-free consumption model in eGain Innovation in 30 Days™.

eGain contact center software: Parts that make the whole

Digital-first agent desktop

Digital-first, omnichannel desktop with a modern, flexible interface for the new-gen call and contact center agent.


Integrated analytics for multichannel agent performance, contact center operations, knowledge use, and customer journeys.


Patented AI Inference™ reasoning engine combined with workflow modeling to capture and standardize contact center processes so that “every agent can be as good as your best agent.”

Unique customer engagement hub platform to provide common infrastructure to multiple interaction channels. Platform easily integrates legacy customer data with multichannel service interactions so that contact center agents get a common view of the customer—across service, marketing, billing, and account details.

Best-of-breed software for managing and automating email, web, paper, and phone interactions. These apps can be implemented in a modular fashion, while leveraging the customer engagement hub (CEH) architecture through common business logic, knowledge base, and agent administration capabilities. Configurable data adapters allow linking into legacy CRM and data systems and emerging channels to enable informed conversations for service and sales.



Partners with leading call center technology providers

eGain partners with the biggest and best contact center infrastructure providers to offer a complete, omnichannel contact center solution for customer service.

Cisco and eGain, Gartner MQ leaders in contact center infrastructure and web customer service applications, respectively, are delivering a world-class solution for the fast-growing digital consumers market opportunity through the Cisco Solutions Plus Program.

Avaya and eGain, Gartner MQ leaders in contact center infrastructure and knowledge management respectively, are delivering a world-class solution for easy, connected, and smart experiences across self-service and the contact center.

eGain for Salesforce integrates eGain’s award-winning AI, knowledge management and customer engagement apps with Salesforce CRM.


eGain Solve for Amazon Connect, based on the AWS public-cloud infrastructure, powers connected, easy customer experience across all touchpoints. Amazon Connect is based on technology used by Amazon associates around the world to serve and delight hundreds of millions of customers. The smooth integration of eGain customer service and contact center software and Amazon Connect makes it super-easy for businesses to deliver omnichannel service that is cost-effective, reliable, and scalable.

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