Guided Help For AI-Powered Customer Service


increase in agent time to competency for a telco


fewer errors in identifying replacement parts for a manufacturer


reduction in training time of banking contact center agents

Artificial Intelligence guidance through Case-Based Reasoning

Nothing compares to the ease and convenience of eGain Guided Help™, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability in eGain’s Knowledge Hub and Knowledge for Self-Service applications.

The eGain Guided Help customer service application uses the patented search technology of the powerful eGain® Inference™ Reasoning Engine to turn the search for a solution into an intuitive Q&A session.


Customers access your knowledge base through a standard web browser and simply type in their questions. eGain’s Natural Language Processing engine can understand these questions posed in everyday language. A simple step-by-step conversational process guides customers to the solution.

eGain Guided Help uses the patented Artificial Intelligence reasoning capability, Case-Based Reasoning™ (CBR), to match the context of customer requests with solutions in your knowledge base. The system prompts customers with additional questions and provides contextual answers until an appropriate solution is found. These solutions can be a link to other web pages, graphics, illustrations, or even software updates.


Contact center agents use the same AI technology to improve customer service delivery. The capability, embedded in the knowledge management software, and found behind the virtual assistant interface, doesn’t just guide agents through the KB to the right answers, but also through best steps and processes to the right outcomes, all the while ensuring compliance.

Why Your Customer Engagement Needs eGain Inference AI Reasoning Technology to Succeed

AI knowledge

Knowledge + AI = Customer service success

Global bank gets to #1 in NPS and cuts training time by 50%, while enabling any agent to handle any call with AI-based knowledge

Leading telco reduces unwarranted handset exchanges by 38% through knowledge-enabled problem resolution in the contact center

Global content and legal services company reduces need for agent-assisted service by 70% with next-gen, intelligent self-service

Multinational retailer reduces the need for agent intervention by 51% with knowledge-guided self-service

Telco giant speeds up agent time to competency by 100%, First-Contact Resolution by 37%, NPS by 20, while reducing advisor training time by 43%

Global bank reduces training time by 60%, and improves FCR by 36% and NPS by 10

Decrease your inbound call volume

In most customer situations, 80 percent of the queries relate to 20 percent of the possible problems. By making those frequently requested answers directly accessible to self-service users, you can decrease the amount of calls received by your contact center. And since web self-service transactions cost significantly less than agent-assisted transactions, you can increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously decreasing contact center operating costs.

Help customers find answers, not document lists

eGain Guided Help uses the patented search technology of the powerful AI-based Inference® Reasoning Engine to turn the search for a solution into an intuitive Q&A session. Customers are never confronted with responses such as 157 documents match your query or Sorry, 0 matches. Equally important, unresolved queries can be escalated to an agent with a complete record of each question answered.

Turn your website into an expert agent

By capturing the expertise of your best agents into a structured knowledge base, you enable your customers to consistently find the right answer. Using knowledge links, you can extend that process and let your customers search through technical notes, product support libraries, and other support related documents using the same, intuitive tools that your customer service agents use.

Turn all agents into advisors without expensive training

Persistent use of AI reasoning during customer service interactions reduces the need for traditional training of new agents or on new products. This reduction in training time isn’t at the cost of advisor confidence and productivity. On the contrary, agents, especially the new ones, find this interactive, Q&A-style guidance extremely helpful.

As most of the easy queries get resolved through self-service, agents are handling the more complex customer calls. The AI-based system handholds advisors through the interaction even allowing them to go back to a previous question in the session and make mid-course adjustments, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. The right guidance at the right time can spell the difference between a frustrated customer and a satisfied one.

Getting to the right information with eGain Guided Help is as easy
as following your car's GPS to reach your destination

A Knowledge + AI impact story

In this actual incident, the AI guidance embedded in eGain Knowledge helped a utility company’s novice customer service agent save a customer’s life just as his house exploded.

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