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The Transformational Value of AI for Customer Service

Customer queries are getting more complex. Customer service systems need to be intelligent to resolve their issues and provide advice. This would mean asking the next best question and performing the next best action, based on historical and real-time context, situational knowhow, and compliance requirements—which would require agents to have a 20-pound brain!

Contact centers have attempted to address this through non-stop training, something today’s millennial and Gen Z agents despise. But, stay-at-home orders from COVID-19 have made training and collaboration very difficult.

The answer lies in leveraging AI and knowledge in your customer service software solutions to guide agents and self-service systems through their dialog with the customer. Artificial Intelligence technologies enable contact centers to scale effective, efficient, and compliant customer service and sales across in-house, gig, and outsourced agents.

When done right, AI transforms customer service by reducing wait times, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving agent experiences.

How Conversational AI Improves Customer Service

When done right, conversational AI can transform customer service. This article has some best practices for success.

AI in the Contact Center – Sorry, No Chasm, No Trough!

Geoffrey Moore wrote about the dreaded “chasm” in his hi-tech marketing bible, Crossing the Chasm, where technologies go to die if they don’t gain traction among mainstream buyers, and Gartner talks about the “trough of disillusionment” in their hype cycle, where many technologies perish or take years to get out of, if at all. Sorry, no such thing for AI in the contact center this time around. eGain has many killer use-cases and real-world success stories for Contact Center AI.

Using AI Virtual Assistant for Customer Self-Service

Virtual assistants, VAs, also called chatbots, avatars, and concierges

Trick question: Who work 24×7, engage customers and answer questions in a smart and fun way, give website tours, show relevant web pages, and never call in sick?

Answer: Virtual assistants (VAs).

Also called chatbots, avatars, and concierges, VAs help businesses “wow” customers with distinctive self-service, increase brand equity, and cut costs. eGain’s award-winning virtual assistants are even multilingual and, unlike other alternatives, integrate with human-assisted interaction channels for a seamless customer journey! As a pioneer in this domain, eGain has compiled best practices in VA deployment over the years. Here are some popular AI virtual assistant best practices to pay heed to.

AI Best Practices to Improve Customer Service and Agent Productivity

AI-guided self-service, AI-infused knowledge and AI-led process guidance help you do the impossible: Improve service productivity and the customer experience while reducing costs.

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AI in our lives and in customer engagement

Hear how embedded Artificial Intelligence is in our lives.


Using AI to personalize knowledge for novice and expert agents alike

Whether your agents come in sober or hungover, Artificial Intelligence, combined with knowledge, can make them deliver customer service, as effectively as the best agent! Linda Yeardley narrates this hilarious incident from the field.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS | Real-world stories of how knowledge & AI enhance customer service and agent experiences

GOVERNMENT European Tax Agency Goes Digital with eGain Virtual Assistant, Chat, and Offers

This organization is the tax authority of one of the major economies in Europe. It runs what is possibly the largest virtual contact center in the world with 22,000 staff and handles 70% of the national government’s transactions. In 2014/15 alone, they handled 50 M calls, 16 M inbound letters, 220 M outbound letters and 1,040 M online transactions. Ambitiously, the organization aims to become “one of the most digitally advanced tax authorities in the world” while reducing costs by 15%. Read how eGain’s digital customer engagement solutions, powered by AI-enabled knowledge, helped achieve the goals.

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TELECOM UK Telecom Transforms Customer Service with Knowledge+AI

“We hope you find this interesting. It’s the story of our journey of knowledge transformation with eGain in EE.” – Head of Customer Technology and Innovation, Everything Everywhere (a division of BT Group)

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MANUFACTURING Leading Manufacturer of Doors and Windows Designs Exceptional Customer and Agent Experiences With eGain Knowledge

The century old manufacturer of windows and patio doors has a product lineup that runs into several thousand items. Getting agents trained on them took years. The company realized that eGain’s AI case-based reasoning capability was essential for solving issues related to its multiple vintage products. The case study shows the innovations the company used to overcome its problems and provide the right spare parts and an experience that delighted customers.

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FINANCIAL SERVICES Knowledge base success: Barclays ABSA story

The bank had a simple goal: To become the #1 bank in customer satisfaction surveys in 18 months, even as it completed its expansion across 11 countries within a year. But how was it going to operationalize the customer service transformation when 80% of its staff were new and inexperienced? How could it make any agent any call a reality? That, too, in 18 months? The answer lay in eGain AI and knowledge base.

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