Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Knowledge: The Platinum Bullet for Customer Service Transformation

AI Knowledge is the platinum bullet for customer service transformation

Telco giant speeds up agent time to competency by 100%, First-Contact Resolution by 37%, NPS by 20%, while reducing advisor training time by 43%

Communication service provider improves interaction compliance 30%, FCR by 19%, and agent satisfaction by 90%

Global bank reduces agent training time by 50%, agent churn to <1%, unnecessary service processes by 50%, and elevates NPS from #3 to #1, while enabling any agent to handle any call

Global bank reduces training time 60%, improves FCR 36%, and NPS 10%

US federal agency reduces customer service costs 21% while improving consistency and compliance across agents

To channel Francis Bacon, some technologies improve customer service on the margins, some enable incremental improvement, and only a handful actually transform it—you could call them silver, golden, and platinum bullets.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-infused knowledge is truly a platinum bullet that can simultaneously improve multiple customer service metrics.

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PS: Know why John says that AI is everywhere.

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