Cloud-based customer engagement

Requiem to the vaunted innovation diffusion models of Rogers, Moore, et al!

Once upon a time, innovation diffusion models (customer engagement technology included) were based on frameworks from Everett Rogers, Geoffrey Moore, and others. Rogers’ model consisted of groups of adopters or buyers—innovators, early adopters, early majority, later majority, and laggards, based on characteristics such as financial resources, risk profiles, etc. Geoffrey Moore argued that there is a chasm between early adopters and the early majority. Gartner has a similar model for enterprise buyers and enterprises themselves, using the term Type A for aggressive adopters, Type B for mainstream adopters, and Type C for conservative adopters.

While Type C buyers have had unflattering labels like laggards attached to them, they had good reason to be conservative in an IT world replete with implementation fiascos. In fact, well-chronicled implementation failures, often accompanied with litigation, has moved all types to “Type Z”, which could mean do-nothing paralysis. This is something buyers and their enterprises can ill afford to do in today’s fast-moving digital world.

Innovate for free for 30 days before buying We are proud to say that eGain has solved this problem with a revolutionary method for innovation consumption in the customer engagement domain. Called Innovation in 30 Days™, it allows digital CX innovators of any type to become Type A or innovators/early adopters, and keep up with the pace of digital!

It eliminates risk, the need to obtain funding, and the uncertainty about value creation, which are three of the most common factors that separate early adopters from late adopters. An expert-guided production pilot in the cloud that is free of charge with no obligation to buy, it includes the following components in its offer:

  • Award-winning customer engagement suite with rich functionality out of the box
  • Safe production pilot in eGain Cloud
  • Options for easy A/B testing
  • Guidance to quick business value with best practices from eGain experts
  • Risk-free delivery at no charge with no obligation to buy

With this kind of offer, the so-called “laggards” and “late adopters” (we don’t agree with that label—they are prudent buyers) can become swashbuckling innovators (and innovators and early adopters benefit from this approach as well, as they explore even farther-reaching frontiers)! Many blue-chip eGain clients are already leveraging this offer, shortening their innovation consumption lifecycles in digital CX, Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge Management, and leaving competitors in the dust in the process! Want to learn more? Talk to us now so we can get going.

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