Knowledge Management from a Provider Perspective in Health Care

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81% of consumers are not satisfied with their healthcare experiences

80% of consumers will use digital care again post-Covid

78% say experience is an important factor in their purchase decisions


Per Gartner, poor CX has been the biggest barrier to digitalization success and disparate knowledge silos in organizations is a big deterrent to good CX . No wonder Gartner rates knowledge management (KM) as the #1 technology to improve not only CX, a critical success factor for digitalization success, but also the employee experience (EX) and operational performance. But legacy KM systems have failed to deliver the goods, calling for a need to modernize it with a revolutionary new approach called the “Knowledge Hub™.”

The eGain Knowledge Hub is the first such solution to unify and orchestrate all the essential technology building blocks of KM, including content management, profiled access, intent inference, search methods, conversational guidance (what to say next), process guidance (what to do next), analytics, personalization, and connectors to existing systems, powered by AI, ML, and analytics.

Why eGain

Industry success

Track record of success at scale with healthcare providers such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, CVS Health, Geisinger, and others.

Business value

Rich out-of-the-box functionality for quick business value, say no to toolkits and multi-year development, customization, and integration projects.

Security and compliance

Compliant with privacy and security standards such as PCI, NIST SP 800-53, HIPAA, and FedRAMP.

Ease of innovation

One-of-a-kind, risk-free production pilot—not a toy sandbox—so you and your team can experience the solution free of charge and obligation.


The top-rated SaaS solution for digital-first, knowledge-powered customer engagement automation that includes unified omnichannel hubs for managing knowledge, conversations, and analytics, powered by AI, ML, and analytics.

Domain expertise

More than two decades of experience in KM and healthcare domain expertise.

Leading healthcare providers trust eGain!

A leading Blue successfully consolidated 17 legacy systems into a single Knowledge Hub with more than 1,000 knowledge articles and 2,000 agent users. The accuracy of knowledge searches has increased to 96% in less than a year. There’s more. Read it all in the case study.

Large government healthcare agency experienced “phenomenal success” with the eGain Knowledge Hub. The hub empowers 25 million users and 128,000 contact center agents and other customer service personnel with consistent and accurate information and guided customer service processes, compliant with regulations. Thanks in part to eGain, their position in the Forrester CX Index improved by 33% in 2021 over 2020!

A national, vertically integrated US retail healthcare chain provides proactive digital customer service to over 100 million consumers through knowledge-powered notifications across SMS, email, and voice on topics such as prescriptions, enrollment, and benefits. The company sends over two billion notifications per year, reducing unwarranted incoming calls and improving customer satisfaction at the same time!


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