A Knowledge Hub is just what the doctor ordered for a leading Blue

Where’s the answer?

A leading Blue, with millions of members and thousands of agents, was struggling with out-of-control call handle times. Agents weren’t able to give customers accurate information in a timely manner because customer service knowledge was spread across 17 different systems! Key multi-step customer service procedures, such as conducting and documenting claims research, required logging into and gathering information from multiple sources.

The company knew it had to make it easier for agents to find answers. Besides, training new agents was taking an unacceptably long twelve weeks. And keeping knowledge up to date across 17 systems was impossible with manual processes and tougher compliance mandates.

Solution: A Knowledge Hub

The Insurance Provider went looking for a new knowledge solution for their contact centers. After creating a 28-criteria list, it did proof-of-concept deployments with two vendors. eGain’s unique Innovation in 30 Days pilot convinced it that eGain Knowledge+AI™ was a good fit, and what they really needed was a knowledge hub, connected to existing systems. Here is why they chose eGain.

  • Comprehensive knowledge management capabilities, all out of the box
  • Expertise in knowledge management and healthcare customer service best practices
  • Certified connectors to CRM and CC platforms, with open APIs
  • Unique consumption model with risk-free production pilot




Agents use it, across business groups



Search relevance



Reduction in agent training time

Quick value and easy innovation

The Insurance Provider partnered with eGain’s expert team for an incredibly quick, agile roll-out. They successfully consolidated the 17 legacy systems into a single Knowledge Hub with more than 1,000 knowledge articles and 2,000 agent users. Because eGain’s team was able to transfer all of the Insurance Provider’s knowledge into the Knowledge Hub, no new content had to be created and the roll-out took just six weeks. The Knowledge Hub’s flexibility made it easy for the Insurance Provider to build AI-enabled guided knowledge flows for agents, giving them access to consistent, accurate (and traceably compliant) information in a fraction of the time previously required. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it also made it possible for agents to work from home without sacrificing the speed or quality of their customer service.

Maintaining their knowledge is now fast and efficient. Articles are updated within the eGain Knowledge Hub (replacing the manual, out-of-band process), and agents can provide feedback inline to provide constant, precise feedback on the quality of articles. That constant feedback system has improved the accuracy of knowledge searches to 96% in less than a year. Personalized portals allow agents to focus on relevant information.

eGain Managed Services has helped the client accelerate knowledge consolidation across brands, with speed and quality. As a result, new policies and procedures are being regularly added to the Knowledge Hub and new teams onboarded quicker than anticipated. Serving customers has never been easier for agents, thanks to eGain Knowledge Hub.

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