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AI is in the hype cycle at the moment. Ashu Roy, eGain CEO, and John Connors, Senior Director of Digital Transformation at eGain, believe that AI is not new, but it’s certainly in its hype cycle. John says, “I think it’s in its third hype cycle, and I say that because if you read literature, you hear that there have been two AI winters. Two winters when research budgets were slashed because the expectation set by the research and the reality of what they were delivering were not aligning and budgets were slashed. So this is the third time around.”

John got out of university and into an Artificial Intelligence research team in 1986. As he puts it, he has “been involved in some of this stuff in the last hype cycle and in this one.”

In this video, John iterates how AI is everywhere—in our lives and in customer engagement.

In another blog post, Anand Subramaniam channels Francis Bacon when he calls the AI technology used in knowledge management, the platinum bullet for customer service transformation. Why? Because it is a transformational technology.

Artificial Intelligence is also the answer to the pain points that both customers and contact center agents talk about. How? AI provides the consistent knowledge that is needed for good customer experience (CX) and good agent experience (AX).

Contact center AI can do wonders for customer service and contact center metrics, as the ROI examples from real-world implementations at companies across the world prove.

Having said all that, let us also tell you that there is an easy way for businesses to wet their feet before deciding to invest in a customer service Artificial Intelligence implementation. If you want to know more, contact us any time.


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