Meet eGain AssistGPT, eGain’s Generative AI Assistant for Knowledge Automation

What is it?

An integral part of the eGain Knowledge Hub™ and powered by Generative AI out of the box, eGain AssistGPT™ is a comprehensive no-code solution that helps automate knowledge creation, omnichannel delivery, and optimization. It helps customers find answers in their journeys and contact center agents, knowledge authors, and business analysts in the flow of their work.

How does it automate knowledge?

AssistGPT makes it easy to create knowledge content and process guidance. Key examples of knowledge automation include:

Knowledge creation for authors

  • Create draft knowledge content
  • Generate metadata for curated content, including title, keywords, and summary
  • Create and set up prompts
  • Create content for new persona from existing curated content (e.g., create customer content from agent content)
  • Create AI process guidance from flow charts

Knowledge consumption for agents

  • Generate responses
  • Tailor responses to channel of interaction and customer persona, while aligning with brand voice
  • Improve responses

Knowledge optimization for knowledge managers and business analysts

  • Automatically incorporate suggestions from content consumers
  • Extract knowledge insights from customer feedback and reports
  • Get executive summary of insights and actions
  • Create knowledge content suggestions

Other highlights

  • Prompts library
    • Out-of-the-box prompt library enables organizations to add business-specific prompts.
  • AI Console
    • Allows administrators to define guard rails for the use of generative AI, manage prompts, and orchestrate gen AI with other AI technologies in the enterprise
  • BYO architecture allows the business to plug in their own AI engines to answer the prompts
  • Risk-free pilot: No-charge generative AI production pilot called “Innovation in 30 Days for Generative AI” allows you to experience our AI-infused eGain Knowledge Hub, with expert guidance to success, all free of charge.

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