Telecom Contact Center—How to Increase First-Contact Resolution Rates


increase in first call resolution rate


reduction in customer call backs for clarifications on unresolved issues


improvement in call handling time by telco agents

Customers ask the question

Customers call with questions of all kinds. They could be looking for:

INFORMATION About some aspect of a wide range of products and services

ADVICE On the best phone or broadband package based on their circumstances and preferences

HELP To understand a complex bill

GUIDANCE For troubleshooting a problem with a service or device

And, they want the right answer quickly! Your agents struggle because of the variety and complexity of customer issues.


Agents provide the answer

eGain helps your business in improving one of the most important customer service and contact center metrics, First Contact Resolution rate (also called First Call Resolution or FCR rate). This means that your contact center agents are able to resolve customer issues in the very first interaction.

The benefits of high FCR are obvious: Operational costs go down as you avoid repeat calls and escalations, and customer satisfaction and agent productivity go up.

The right knowledge, captured and found at the right time

eGain Knowledge+AI helps you easily capture the expertise of your best agent into a flexible, interactive knowledge base that prompts and guides every agent to the single, best answer available—all without searching multiple repositories, sifting through hundreds of search results, or skimming long documents.

eGain also provides federated search across intranet and internet information sources.

Using the knowledge captured in eGain, your agents respond to email and chat inquiries, ensuring a consistent experience for the customer across channels.

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Customer Success

Centralized knowledge base for staff in stores and agents in contact center improves first-contact resolution by 35%

In this 4-minute video, EE, a leading mobile network operator, reveals how the eGain knowledge base (KB) became fundamental to their customer service transformation.

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