Telecom Agent Experience—Reduce agent training time


reduction in agent training time with eGain’s knowledge and AI capabilities


improvement in call handling time due to easy access to a common knowledge base


more correct questions are asked when agents use eGain’s knowledge+AI solution

Do Not Disturb. Agent in Training.

Telco agents are in endless cycles of training

Agent training is expensive in telecom contact centers because of agent churn and expanding product portfolios.

Although the formal training may only be a few weeks, the time for an agent to become fully effective can easily take from 3 to 6 months. The first few months after training are especially costly for your organization. While new agents try to gain real-world experience through customer interactions, their call times are longer and they inevitably make mistakes. These generate repeat calls, escalations, and complaints. And affect agent experience.


Stop the memorizing, start the guidance for your agents

The AI reasoning capability in eGain Knowledge reduces agent training time and enables multiskilling of agents in several ways.

  • Re-focus initial agent training on how to use the knowledge base rather than familiarization with all the products and services.
  • Reduce time to effectiveness by guiding the agent towards the solution. Your agents just need to recognize the problem type rather than recall the solution.
  • Reduce re-training time for experienced agents by showing “what’s new” and “what’s changed.”
  • Improve agent productivity and performance.

Another important benefit is accelerated agent adoption based on their positive experience with the eGain solution. When your agents know that the system will steer them to the best answer every time, they feel more confident and focus their attention on delivering a great customer experience.


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Contact centers have been spending $10K to $40K per year on agent training


An eGain knowledge and AI guidance story at a telco company

Know how a telecommunications company improved agent productivity and customer service delivery by encouraging adoption of the knowledge base.

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