Telecom Customer Engagement: Effectively support growing product portfolios

New models, new products, new information…

And customer service suffers

As a telecom operator, you are in a perpetual race to roll out new devices, cost-effective service plans, segmented offerings, and faster yet richer communication options. To manage this complexity in the customer service group, organizations end up creating separate teams for specialist areas such as:

  • Mobile broadband
  • Smart phones
  • Troubleshooting data connection issues

Unfortunately, additional teams mean increased overhead, poor customer experience due to agent silos, and increased workforce scheduling challenges.

The knowledge solution to the content problem

eGain Knowledge+AI enables all agents to take all calls in a contact center. Our best-in-class knowledge base helps you capture, organize, and retrieve up to date information to resolve all relevant calls, so that:

  • All agents have a single version of the truth
  • Product managers and content authors have a delivery platform for contact center information and collateral
  • Trainers have a mechanism to provide in-call training (where the agent gets the information and support exactly when they need it) so that an agent can confidently help the customer whether dealing with a legacy product (that they have not dealt with in a while) or a brand new service (that they are still not familiar with)

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