Agent Desktop

Customers and agents, both are digital. Agent desktop remains phone-centric.

Agent tools are letting down your agents and customers

  • When customers dial into the call center or send an email or chat or vent on social media or contact through a mobile app, agents need to have all relevant customer information upfront.
  • To resolve the issue raised, agents need access to the right answer, immediately.

But according to a Gartner research, 84% of contact center agents do not think that their desktop tools help in resolving customer issues.

Every time agents hum and haw, ask customers to repeat information they have already provided at another step, resolve issues partially leaving the way open for another phone call and more frustration, agent experience suffers, taking customer experience down with it.

This is why you need eGain’s digital-first, omnichannel agent desktop.

eGain Advisor Desktop™: An Omnichannel Desktop to Improve Agent Engagement

Agent desktop software from eGain

Is this your business’ reality?

Reality 1: Your end-customers

  • Born or grew digital

Reality 2: Your contact center agents

  • Gen Z
  • Millennials
  • Digital

Reality 3: Your agent desktop

From the 1990s

  • Phone-centric
  • Data-cluttered
  • Antiquated

Solution: The new agent desktop

  • Digital-first
  • Omnichannel
  • Modern
  • Flexible
  • Infused with knowledge
  • Guided by Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Digital-first desktop for the digital-first generation

New agent desktop guided by AI, knowledge, analytics