Enhancing Customer Experience at BT with eGain AI Knowledge Hub

Company Overview

BT, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the UK, serves 30 million customers across mobile broadband and television services. With around 600 stores on the High Street and a workforce of 12,000 advisors, BT is a key player in the telecommunications industry, encompassing brands such as Plusnet, BT, and EE.


BT faced the challenge of meeting rising customer expectations in an evolving telecom landscape. With 30 million customers, 12,000 advisors, and a diverse range of services, managing knowledge efficiently to enhance customer service became a priority. The increasing complexity of products and services, disparate knowledge silos, and the growing demand for personalized support, posed significant challenges for BT.

Partnership with eGain

For the past decade, BT has been in a strategic partnership with eGain, a relationship marked by collaboration, mutual understanding, and a shared commitment to excellence. The journey with eGain involved addressing the complexities of BT’s telecom processes, striving to improve products and services, and making the contact centre and retail store advisor’s job more straightforward while delighting customers.


BT adopted eGain’s AI knowledge management solution, leveraging its features such as guided help, powered by case-based reasoning, and an analytics-driven approach. Moreover, the service organization leveraged eGain’s personalization capability to tailor AI guidance to the experience level of advisors. In addition, the implementation integrated eGain’s AI knowledge platform with BT’s CRM and other tools, creating a seamless flow of customer data and workflow. The collaboration aimed at enhancing advisor effectiveness and efficiency, providing a unified knowledge base, and ultimately improving the overall customer experience.


The partnership with eGain yielded significant results for BT:

  • Boost in NPS: BT achieved a remarkable 30-point boost in Net Promoter Score (NPS), exceeding the initial target of 20 points. This increase highlighted the positive impact of eGain AI knowledge on customer satisfaction.
  • First Contact Resolution Improvement: BT experienced a substantial 37% improvement in first contact resolution (FCR) within the first three to six months of the launch. This improvement highlighted the effectiveness of the eGain platform in resolving customer queries promptly.
  • Efficiency Gains: Training time for advisors was reduced from a six-week induction to a two-week induction, contributing to increased operational efficiency. Additionally, there was a 4.25% net saving in handling time, demonstrating the platform’s impact on streamlining processes.


The collaboration with eGain has proven instrumental in BT’s journey to enhance customer and advisor experience, while streamlining internal processes and improving their offerings through closed-loop feedback. The results speak to the effectiveness of the knowledge management solution in improving NPS, FCR, and operational efficiency. BT’s commitment to innovation, exemplified by the ongoing partnership and implementation of new features in eGain AI Knowledge like generative AI and personalized AI guidance, underlines their dedication to staying at the forefront of customer service in the dynamic telecom industry.

This case study highlights how a strategic partnership with eGain empowered BT to navigate the challenges of the telecommunications landscape, ultimately delivering exceptional service to their 30 million customers.

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