Average Handle Time (AHT)


Average Handle Time (AHT) is a common customer service metric, typically emphasized by throughput-centric, high-volume contact centers.

An agent’s handle time normally includes the total amount of time she spends on an interaction and the wrap up time after it. The wrap up time, an important customer service metric in its own right, starts once the interaction has ended and includes the time is takes to finish all the work associated with that interaction. The average handle time (or AHT) of an agent is an important contact center and agent productivity metric.

Many factors can affect an agent’s handle time: The number of applications they have to consult during the interaction, queue and routing, training, and access to the relevant knowledge in a timely and consistent manner, are only some of the many factors.

With eGain’s contact center software — that enables the right implementation of AI and knowledge and call tracking — it is possible to improve average handle time while boosting customer satisfaction. Our clients across banking and financial services, communication service providers, utilities, and miscellaneous B2C sectors have reported a significant reduction in average handle time.

Contact centers need to make sure they do not over-focus on average handle time at the expense of equally important metrics such as First-Contact Resolution (FCR). Too much emphasis on reducing handling time can affect issue resolution and abort any chance of upselling or cross-selling. The results: repeat calls and poor customer experience. Conversational guidance with AI and knowledge management often elevates both seemingly conflicting metrics at the same time!

Improving Call Handling Time: A Success Story

Paylocity improves time to answer

Paylocity, a fast-growing SaaS provider in the HR domain, improved their first-contact resolution by 35% and time to answer by 67%! Hear it from the SVP of Operations himself.

A Case Study in Reducing Average Handle Time

Barclays improves average handle time by 67%

Barclays improved average handle time by 67%, while boosting first-contact resolution at the same time by 36% with our conversational guidance for contact center agents, powered by AI and knowledge management!
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How to transform customer service

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