What is Customer Experience Software

Customer service is an opportunity

In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, customer experience remains one of the few differentiators

As customers increasingly use the web as the first point of contact with businesses, delivering unique and memorable customer experiences on the web has become an imperative and an opportunity. Leveraging innovative solutions for customer engagement can enable businesses to easily acquire, engage, and service customers while aligning their experiences with the brand, and in the process help win in the market.

Leading companies are transforming their traditional web customer service operations into customer engagement hubs (CEH, a Gartner concept) that effectively and efficiently enable dramatically improved customer service experience.

eGain customer experience software

eGain offers the broadest range of innovative, easy-to-deploy online customer service solutions to deliver memorable experiences to website visitors as they use the web for research, purchase, or support.

Includes best-in-class applications for multimodal web self-service through virtual assistant, AI-powered knowledge, browse, search and guided help, and agent-assisted customer service applications including chat, click-to-call, and fail-safe web collaboration.

It also includes eGain Interaction Widgets™ that deliver truly differentiated experiences by allowing businesses to provide contextual access to the knowledge base and customer’s account from various parts of the website as well as mobile interfaces.

The customer engagement hub advantage

Powered by eGain Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) platform, businesses can set up:

  • Brand-aligned self-service that can easily be adapted to fit any website look and feel.
  • Intelligent, context-aware escalation to agent-assisted service.
  • Tools to engage, acquire, serve and grow business with customer:

Completely modular, the web customer experience apps can be deployed one at a time, or all together.

Selecting customer experience software? Smart buyers ask questions.

How a virtual assistant can improve customer experience

Watch how the eGain AI chatbot improved Dave’s mobile experience.


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