Customer Experience: How to Choose the Right Software

Increasing value of customer experience in the new disruptive landscape

Customer experience is the battlefield for competitive advantage. As businesses rely more and more on automation, customer experience software has become more important than ever before in delivering great CX and gaining edge over the competition.

Smart buyers ask these questions when they select customer experience software:

  • How long has the provider been in the space?
  • What is their track record?
  • Does the provider just gawk technology or bring best-practice expertise?
  • Does it offer rich capabilities out of the box or do you have to customize and/or buy add-on tools?
  • Can it simultaneously help improve customer, contact center agent, and the business experience? One cannot exist without the other!
  • Does the provider offer ways to consume the solution in an easy and risk-free way?

Trusted by blue-chip brands, eGain offers award-winning solutions for digital-first omnichannel service and engagement that is guided by AI, knowledge, and analytics.


Customer case studies

Learn how other businesses use eGain customer experience software to become, and stay, leaders in their field

Telecom giant improves Net Promoter Score for customer service by 30 points. Not a simple feat as this was achieved across 10,000 agents in contact centers and associates in 600 retail scores.

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