Acquiring Digital Customer Engagement Software

Ask the right questions. Avoid vendor traps.

Ask the digital customer service software vendors the right questionsThe directive has descended from the CxO suite. Thou shalt digitalize customer engagement, whilst cutting costs, and it all has to happen yesterday!

As an executive in CX, contact centers, digital transformation, IT, or procurement, you constantly face the challenge of doing the impossible—help improve or even transform digital customer service and experience, while reducing cost and risk. That is no easy feat—it is like having the cake, eating it, and losing weight, all at the same time.

Selecting a solution provider is complicated and challenging—so many choices, vendors that say, “We, too,” and everyone claiming to solve world hunger.

How do you pick the right solution provider, succeed in your initiative, and avoid holding the bag, when all is said and done?

Read the article to learn about traps to watch out for as you set out to select the right software vendor for your digital engagement initiative.