What is Digital Customer Service?

Digital customer service is the default choice Digital customer service

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Digital customer service (DCS) is a customer’s or citizen’s experience when it interacts with a business or a government entity through one or more digital touchpoints. This interaction can be to complete a transaction, get an answer to a question or advice on a process, or resolve a problem.

The digital touchpoints can include any, all, or more than these channels:

A sample customer service journey of the new digital customer

Customers can use one or a combination of channels to get customer service. Take for example, Laura Andrews, the busy mom, who looks at blogposts by other moms to research for the right insurance plan, buys the insurance online, looks at the FAQ on the company website and video chats for customer service.

Why Digital Customer Service?

When it comes to interacting with businesses, customers have been going digital for the last several years. This trend was initially driven by the convenience of digital channels and generational preferences. With the world communicating on social media and messaging channels, it was to be expected that consumers would want the same experience with the brands they were doing business with.

80% of surveyed said they used digital customer service more in 2020

Why is Digital Customer Service More Popular Now?

It is widely agreed that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of customer engagement.

Since 2020, concerns about infections and pandemic-related lockdowns have forced many businesses and even the digital holdouts among consumers to go digital, almost overnight.

In an eGain customer service survey, conducted by Dimension Research, 80% of consumers said that they used digital customer service more in 2020—92% of Gen Z, 87% of millennials, and even 69% of baby boomers.

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According to Gartner, by 2022, 72% of customer interactions will involve an emerging technology such as machine learning applications, chatbots, or mobile messaging, up from 11% in 2017. Businesses that excel in providing digital experiences and manage to leverage these technologies on a unified platform will have an advantage over the competition in this new world. Digital experience (DX) is the sweet spot for digital transformation.

Where Does DCS Fail?

Businesses implement digital channels to reduce the cost of live assistance and to keep up with digitally savvy consumers. While digitalization of customer engagement had started a while ago, the pandemic acted as an accelerant. Businesses rushed to add digital channels because it was the need of the hour. By adding new digital silos, many companies have created disjointed siloes of context, customer service knowledge bases, and automation. Which explains why 57% of consumers in the Dimension Research survey said that they felt confused by customer service chatbots as the answers the bots gave were different from the answers consumers got at other touchpoints.

Instead of making it easy to get customer service, these channels increased customer effort.

Digital channel silos are a strict no

What are the Benefits of Digital Customer Service?

1. A government agency deflected up to 70% of incoming calls to virtual assistance, reduced case handling time by 25%, and improved form-filling with cobrowse-aided phone and chat conversations and granular knowledge assistance within forms. No wonder these powerful capabilities elevated their agent engagement to 92% versus the industry benchmark of 67%!

2. Leading financial services company serves over 11 million members with personalized, proactive, outbound messaging across SMS, email, voice, in-app notifications, and letters. They send over a billion notifications—800 different kinds—per year with our messaging solution, wowing members with a high level of service. No wonder they are a perennial number one in their industry in the Forrester CX Index rankings, among other benchmarks!

3. Name-brand retailer serves over 9 million shoppers across geographies with rich digital customer service, including virtual assistance, live chat, and digital deflection of IVR contacts, all backed by knowledge, AI, and analytics. The retailer has successfully deflected up to 60% of calls to virtual assistance and 40% of contacts from the IVR to contextual digital self-service amidst shipping delays in the holiday shopping season.

eGain for Excellence in Digital Customer Engagement

Ensure that your digital customer engagement software solution includes these capabilities and offers.

Customer engagement hub platform
That unifies knowledge, process, AI, and analytics to provide connected experiences across touchpoints

To enable businesses to consume innovation quickly and differentiate their offering

Of customer journey and behavior, across traditional and digital channels as well as within a channel, and insights into knowledge usage

Digital-first solution
That provides deep capabilities to engage customers through chatbots, AI-guided digital self-service, video chat, messaging, cobrowse-aided phone engagement, cobrowse-aided website navigation and form-filling, proactive digital offers, proactive digital notifications, and more

Digital-first agent desktop
With easy push-button access to contextual knowledge and AI, in addition to rich digital capabilities

Modern knowledge management
With comprehensive capabilities for omnichannel content management, profiled content access, intent inference, multiple search methods, decision support and conversational guidance, and analytics, leveraging natural language processing, ML, and AI

Expert guidance
From digital transformation experts

Risk-free pilot
To try the digital engagement solution for free before investing for the long-term

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