White Papers on Digital Engagement

Messaging Best Practices

Chat and Cobrowse Customer Service That Pays Off: 8 Foolproof Steps to Success

Financial services, retail, telecom, and travel companies were early adopters of chat, cobrowse, messaging, and other web collaboration technologies. As with other technology, these tools deliver the promised pay-off only if you use them right. In this paper, we describe an eight-step plan to help businesses deploy chat and cobrowse well and use them to create unique online customer experiences.


From Silos to Social-Blended Multichannel Customer Experiences: A Seven Step Roadmap for Success

By studying and learning from existing social CX implementations―both those that did well as well as those that did not―we were able to compile the lessons they learned, and create recommendations for better implementations. These are lessons learned but they definitely need to be adapted to each organization.


Virtual Assistants: 10 Deployment Tips

Virtual assistanteGain had commissioned an external research agency to identify the critical factors that determine the success of a virtual assistant (also popularly known as virtual customer assistant or virtual agent or chatbot).

The top 10 tips derived from the study are presented in this paper.


Managing Customer Emails

6 Uncommon Ways to Create Breakthrough Value with Email Management Within and Beyond the Contact Center

This paper describes six unusual ways in which a robust, next-generation email management system can help create breakthrough business value by streamlining and automating processes and increasing productivity not just in the contact center, but throughout your organization.

  1. Regulatory compliance
  2. Service fulfilment
  3. Business process automation
  4. Management of fax and paper communication
  5. Knowledge management
  6. Proactive communication

The white paper also includes a checklist to help you select the right email management solution.

10 Telltale Signs You Have Outgrown Microsoft Outlook

As a personal email client, Microsoft Outlook helps you manage your emails effectively and increases your productivity. However, when it comes to handling growing volumes of customer email inquiries, it fails to scale. Organizations that use Outlook to handle customer emails face some typical challenges when their email volumes begin to grow. This paper tells us about 10 telltale signs that customer service managers can easily spot.


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