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Pandemic Imperative for Insurance: eGain AI Coach

Over half of consumers in one study say they would like to use a virtual coach to get to where they want to go The pandemic-led economic crisis has left millions of people grappling with tough financial decisions. Which financial priority do they focus on and which do they let slip? This has pushed down insurance from a need-to-have to a nice-to-have for many consumers.

What can insurance companies do to help more people afford more insurance? Assist your customers and prospects in improving their financial health. Customers, who can afford insurance, are also able to tuck more money into their retirement accounts.

In this white paper, we’ll highlight how AI-powered digital financial coaching can help your customers become financially viable so they can afford to buy insurance and qualify for your other financial offerings.


Millennial Marketshare: How Financial Institutions Can Grab an Unfair Advantage

“Most of our young, financially struggling customers never encounter a banker skilled enough to help them.”

And that (as told by a financial services executive) is the crux of the bad experiences of the new-gen banking and financial customers. With millennials, numbering over 73 million, and set to become the largest demographic group in the US this year, per Pew Research, this takes on huge importance. Know how your financial institution—banks, insurance, financial services—can overcome this to their advantage in the new decade.


CX White Papers for Government, Healthcare, BPO, and Retail Organizations

Excellence in Government-to-Citizen Service – Success Stories from the Public Sector

More and more government agencies have been mandated to improve citizen responsiveness and experience. But none of the complexity of the public sector has been eliminated. This white paper explains the unique challenges for government customer service, and shares the success stories of some of these agencies in their journey of digital transformation of citizen service.


BPO 2.0: The Next Generation of Outsourcer-Enabled Contact Center Innovation

What is the state of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry? What are the typical challenges providers face? What does it take for them to make the transition to becoming value centers? This white paper attempts to answer all these questions and also shares success stories from eGain implementations.


Five Transformational Innovations to Boost B2C Web Sales

Consumers want to buy from websites. But websites are not good at selling.

Retailers need to make it easy for the consumer to buy at every stage of the purchase process. This paper looks at each stage of the purchase process to identify the main hurdles to buying at that stage and what businesses could do to remove them.


Emerging Consumer Engagement Models in Healthcare: Better Healthcare Journeys By Design

Insurers have entered a new era of marketing directly to consumers. Consumer expectations of Amazon-style experiences are forcing health insurance providers to experiment with new consumer engagement and experience models. Companies are ramping up quickly to deliver smart, connected consumer journeys across sales and service touchpoints. Read about the new imperatives in this white paper.


Better healthcare by design

Customer Service Challenges and Innovations in the Financial Services and Insurance Sectors

If interactions are a key battleground to increase marketshare, the financial services sector is at the high end of it, presenting a great opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves by improving their ability to interact with customers and prospects in a way that maximizes value for the business and the customer.

Some financial services companies have been successful in not only addressing contact center challenges and imperatives but also turning them into opportunities for market leadership. This paper describes the innovation and best practices they have deployed across technologies, processes, and people.


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