eGain for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Getting started

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What is it?

This connector adds award-winning digital customer engagement and AI knowledge capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics 365™ CRM.


Contact center agents are able to quickly resolve a broad range of customer queries using eGain’s AI Knowledge by clicking the Solve Button™ from within the Microsoft Unified Service Desktop™ in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Knowledge article used for resolution is associated with the case record in Microsoft Dynamics

The same knowledge guidance, powered by AI, ML, and personalized content can be deployed for both agents and customer self-service

Digital interactions with eGain can be recorded back into the conversational history, stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a 360-degree customer view


Up to 37% improvement in FCR

Up to 30-point improvement in NPS

Up to 50% reduction in agent training time

eGain + Dynamics 356 Solution video

How it works?

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