Digital Customer Engagement Software

Powered by a unique platform

Based on the Power of One™, the concept of one unified platform for omnichannel customer engagement and knowledge management, an eGain Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) enables dramatically improved customer experience, end-to-end engagement efficiencies, increased sales, and enhanced contact center performance. The digital-first customer engagement software platform comes with an expansive range of capabilities.

  • Cross-channel case management and interaction tracking
  • Single knowledge base with adaptive content management
  • Centralized business rules and workflow
  • Common user and system administration
  • Omnichannel analytics
  • Easy integration with other enterprise systems

3-in-1 Power

Transform customer service, customer support, and customer experience with eGain’s digital-first customer engagement software

Increase customer satisfaction with unified channel management and best-of-breed functionality

Communication channels are proliferating and customers want to use more channels to interact with the business and often use multiple channels to even complete a single interaction or transaction. They want the enterprise to remember the context and provide no-repeat, context-aware customer service. Businesses want a 360-degree view of customer engagement. An eGain Solve CEH solution unifies routing, workflow, agent desktop, customer interaction repository, administration, content management, knowledge base access and analytics.

  • Allow customers to specify channel preferences and manage their accounts.
  • Enable customers to subscribe to alerts.
  • Empower customers with consolidated account information and knowledge about your products.

Deliver unique digital customer journeysWhat a customer journey can look like today

Deliver unique and memorable customer experiences through web, social networks, and mobile devices. Leveraging innovative tools to engage, acquire, and service customers, while aligning the customer experience with the brand, helps businesses win in the market. With a customer engagement software, you can set up:

  • Brand-aligned™ self-service that can easily be adapted to fit any website look and feel and leading mobile device interfaces.
  • Intelligent, context-aware escalation to agent-assisted service.
  • Tools to engage, acquire, serve, and grow business with customers: One-to-one and one-to-many outbound communications, reactive and proactive chat, video chat, phone- or chat-assisted cobrowsing, click-to-call, and social media interactions.

Benefit from multidimensional AI and knowledge management

“One size does not fit all” when it comes to knowledge access for customer engagement. The same knowledge access method does not work for all users and customer queries. Novice users struggle with processing hundreds of search hits and may fare better with guided help, while savvy users may be more comfortable with processing search hits. Informational, transactional, diagnostic, and advice-seeking queries may require different access methods. Moreover, globalization is driving the need for multilingual UIs and the ability to author knowledge once and leverage it quickly across languages and geographies.

The hub enables the software to support the industry’s broadest range of communication channels, access methods (AI-driven chatbots and guided proceses, dynamic FAQs, search, browse), interaction, resolution and content management processes, customer query types, content types, and languages.

Do more with less

It’s the need of the hour. Provide the multilingual “always-on” service that customers expect, the scalability that the extended contact centers of today require, and the easy monitoring and troubleshooting that IT demands.

  • Global large-scale deployments: Multi-site, multilingual, omnichannel, and multi-faceted interactions enabled by the same installation.
  • Contact center management: Monitor, measure, and easily fix your contact center operations.
  • Service process management: Robust workflows for customer process management including fail-safe compliance with regulations, best practices, and promised SLAs.
  • Leveraging existing data and content assets: Two-way integration with back-office business and content management systems through a variety of interface mechanisms to provide agents and customers with all the information they need to access through a simple point-and-click user interface.

Web-services based customer engagement platform

Businesses are feeling the need to innovate and differentiate through customer engagement, and gain competitive advantage through innovation velocity and intelligent process automation. In short, the digital transformation customer service.

eGain OpenCEH: An open web services API that enables customer and partner innovation by customizing, extending, and leveraging capabilities from within or outside eGain Solve; first of its kind in the industry to enable a whole ecosystem of agile, innovative solutions built by partners and end-customers.

Powered by eGain AI™: Inferencing and decision support capability that can be applied across the entire platform (all interaction channels and processes).

Active Objects: Unique end-to-end process automation model using business-friendly building blocks for collaboration, content, logic, and reasoning.
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